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The Music of the VHLM #1


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The Music of the VHLM

By   A. Simon-Cowell-Type


Part 1

As we approach the beginning of yet another VHLM season, we here at VHL.com like to look at all aspects of the VHLM teams that are about to go toe to toe, and give our take on their respective capabilities. For this series, we are going to look at the artists/songs that we like to think embody the spirit and nature of the team in question. So without further ado, here is the music of the VHLM.


Ottawa Lynx

No More Love Songs, by Ottawa


For our first team, we choose a band, that although not from Ottawa, shares the same name. An upbeat indie-rock outfit with energetic and captivating hooks, Ottawa outlines the same upbeat, peppy spirit that has taken hold of the Ottawa Lynx locker room. 

Halifax 21st

The Gunner, by Machine Gun Kelly


Looking at the next team in our list, we decided to theme the title after Halifax’s 3rd highest TPE player, their goalie Thorvald Gunnarsson. This song oozes swagger and frustration, a perfect vibe for the 21st’s semifinal exit from the VHLM S66 playoffs. Watch out VHLM, the Gunnar is waiting. 


Stay tuned for next week as we cover more teams!


Claiming for Raymond Bernard, Week ending in 7/7

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