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Ryan Busser - Biography [2/2]

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Player Biography




Ryan Bobby Busser

May 20th, 1994 (age 25)

Vancouver, Canada



Ryan Busser was born in Vancouver on May 20th, 1994, as the son of Bob Busser, a Canadian professional and Olympic cricket player, winning gold in 1982, and mail lady Karen Wilson. His father is native american and born in Canada. His mother, an American from Detroit. Bussers' father was playing a tournament in Michigan when he met his mother. His parents were both athletic and ran in many marathons. in 1983 after only a year of dating they would marry and plans for the future started, having a child was first on the list.



It was a late afternoon on a Tuesday and the Price is Right was on, pregnant Karen Wilson was home alone and all of a sudden she felt sharp pains in her stomach, she then called her sister right away, she wasn't due for another four months. After that they jumped in the car and rushed to the hospital, when Wilson woke up the doctor spoke with a disappointing tone, after a long chat he finally told the sisters the baby may not make it and had a fifty percent chance of living, due to strangulation by the umbilical cord and had to have the operation immediately, while father Bob Busser was away overseas and had no idea of the circumstances. With luck and hard work by the doctors at the Vancouver General Hospital, Ryan was born, weighing a scary five pounds two ounces but healthy.


Ryan grew up a single child and had a lot of attention from his parents, his father had him playing sports at the age of five and was involved in football, basketball, hockey, soccer and cricket. His father took him to the gym all the time and even brought him along for the ride whenever he played professional tournaments, teaching Busser discipline and what it took to be an everyday athlete at an early age.  




One day in the Summer of 1999, his father took him to go get a bite to eat after completing their daily workout routine, they decided to go to Bert's Hot Buns and fries and after a few bites in Ryan had a life altering allergic reaction, resulting in a ambulance ride to the hospital, later told he was allergic to red meat, the family was supportive and changed their diet, removing all beef and pork from their grocery lists.

Public School

Busser was a class clown and was friends with most of his classmates, like most kids some sports are not for them and end up liking other activities more than others and at the age of ten, it was clear Ryan was mostly focused on hockey and with hard work and his father motivating him, he was named captain of his high school team at King of Whales Middle School. He would watch the Canucks play whenever he was allowed and collected over a thousand hockey cards in a couple of years, leaving the others kids in the dust at the local young center but his favorite thing to do was going to Vancouver games, it was hard for his family but they tried to buy as many tickets as they could and became a usual gift for his birthday and Christmas.

When Busser was fifteen he started to getting noticed by scouts, after winning back-to-back championships in grade nine and ten, and making the local newspapers sports section several times would go on to accumulate 101 points, assisting an outstanding 78 times in just 38 games, setting plenty of records and receiving a plethora of awards along with class honors. Ryan would join the Vancouver Giants the following year. This would change his social behavior, going from funny and outgoing to focused and barley seen.


Vancouver Giants

After receiving and talking to the Vancouver organization for months he decided to join the team for a tryout, the decision  came with a lot of sacrifice if he made the roster. As months passed Ryan started to focus more and more on hockey. The time had come and Busser was ready to attend the life changing tryout and by the end of the day he impressed the Giants, making the team and days later Busser signed a three year contract. In his first season in the Western Hockey League he ended up playing fourth line minutes and was the extra man on the power play, the Giants didn't make the playoffs.


In his second year with the team he had even more opportunities and ice time but that came with a lot of responsibility, he ended up having a solid season and made the finals playing on the second line but his team ended up getting swept. Ryan would go on and win the Most Improved Player award and at the age of eighteen.




Ryan was in the final year of his contract and wanted to give it his all to impress scouts, at training camp it showed and he was named Captain of the team, he would go on to win the Most Valuable Player award and lead the Giants to a Western Hockey League Championship.




Busser was hopeful and wanted to be drafted into the Victory Junior Hockey League, he got ready and his family joined him in the stands but his name was never called on draft night, with no other option and frustration he decided to fly to Russia and play in the Russian Junior Hockey League but he had to rush there because the draft was days away, he would arrive on time and  was drafted fifth overall, he would then spend the next five seasons playing in Europe and developing his game, he made four All Star Games and won a championship.




Ryan was a free agent again and had a huge decision to make, continue playing in Russia or try and get a contract closer to home, he spoke with his parents and they were in favor so he told his manager to get his name out there and after 5 years and plenty of Vodka, Busser was home, signing a one-year contract with the San Diego Marlins and will make his Victory Junior Hockey League




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