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Perrin excited to begin season with Rush


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Perrin Excited to Begin Season with Rush


Yesterday night, Seabass Perrin appeared on a local Whitehorse radio station, The Rush 96.1 to answer questions about the Yukon, life and the VHLM draft.


In the interview with radio host Alex Rubberneck Perrin describes how he's excited to come play in the Yukon as he's never been in the arctic before this week. He explains how he's very impressed with the city of Whitehorse.


"On my way here I was thinking this place would be some ugly rundown town due to it being so remote. You know what to my surprise it's actually a beautiful city, in the summertime at least.  The Yukon river is absolutely stunning and I think i'm really going to enjoy my time here after all with all the fishing opportunities and endless trails to go sledding in during the long winter months. It's going to be different but i'll try to enjoy every minute of it while i'm here"


The 47th overall pick of this year's draft also mentions later on in the interview that he was upset on how long it took during the VHLM draft for his name to be called up to the stage. 


"I don't want to sound ungrateful here, I love the Rush but I was initially pretty upset and how long it took to get selected at the draft. I didn't think i'd still be up for grabs in the 5th round but here I was still left off the board. There were some teams that I thought I had good solid discussions with before the draft that ultimately chose to go for what were in my mind lesser players instead of me. "


The Rush's season is set to begin June 10th.








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