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Orion the Iron... No! Steal of S65


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I think it’s pretty much set in stone right now. If it wasn’t right when it happened, it is now. What in the holy shit are you talking about Robbie? FUCK YOU! That’s what! No… I am talking about how Orion Slade is the steal of the S65 draft. A fact that really shouldn’t shock you because many of my players have been viewed as steals of the draft because of me being a supposed “Locker room cancer” and my well known Robbie 1,2 teams rebuilding were scared to draft my players because they will leave after just two seasons and they would leave the team with a sour taste in their mouth (no homo)


But yet again, here we are my last ever player and yet again I did it again. But how? Why? Are there no better players? Um no. Orion was draft late in the 3rd fucking round like come on. It’s pretty certain no good players are left on the board that late. The only reason Orion was on the board was because I pretty much said don’t draft me. I wanted to go undrafted so I can pick my team. BUT NOOOOOOO @Quik THE FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!! Drafted Orion. He took a “gamble” in the 3rd round because he knew if he could get me to sign he would get a good player. It wasn’t much of a gamble because that late into the draft you can pretty much autopick or just forfeit picks so taking a stab in the dark at a player that may not sign is actually a pretty small risk with potential for high rewards. Now here we stand, Orion and The Sink have their cup and going for another. All because of this calculated risk that The Sink took in the 3rd round that turned out to be the steal of the draft. Hahahaha fuck you!

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