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Season 67 Riga Reign announcements

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First of all, I'm not the last team that is posting captains. That's a progress.

Second of all, this is the first time since S58 when I posted captains. This is even a bigger progress.


Without further ado, here are the Season 67 Riga Reign Captains:



C - Ryan Kastelic @Enorama

A - Elias Dahlberg @Nykonax

A - Pat Svoboda @StamkosFan


It makes all the sense to name Kastelic the captain. Until now, he was constantly sitting behind Edwin and Cast and now it's his time to be the leader of our team. Also, he is one of the oldest players alongside with Edwin, McWolf and Kallis. As about assistants: Nyko himself was helping me with scouting thing and saved my sleepy ass at the draft day. And he's active in the LR. No-brainer here. Svoboda is a bit less active, but is about to become one of our team stars so there's that.


I was mentioning about scouting and things. I believe a couple of other teams already have them, but never announced in the forum. So perhaps I'm the first guy who is going to do that because I'm going all-in in this thread. So, your Season 67 Riga Reign scouts are:


@Renomitsu & @Nykonax



Oh, and one more thing. This is the most important announcement of them all!


It's been more than two years since I became Riga GM. And for all of this time I was trying to do things by myself. Drafts, trades and other things. Obviously, I had a valuable help from various members throughout these years (especially with trades and FA) which helped us get three championships under my tenure so far. However, the last draft showed me that sometimes I tend to slip [sleep] and cause a chaos too. So for the first time since I was named the Riga Reign GM we will have an AGM!


The first ever my AGM will be the member who was expressing a high interest to join our team. Also he was very interested to be the AGM sooner than later. And I do hope we could be his trampoline to a GM spot someday. For now, let's give it up for the Assistant GM of the Riga Reign team:






I guess that's it for today. Congratz to all named members here and let's just start a season.


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36 minutes ago, Beketov said:

Did you find the lowest quality version of your logo that you could or something :P


He actually took a jersey swap graphic and used the free select tool in paint to cut it out.

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