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Content: 3/3 - You need to give yourself some credit. Your graphics have gotten a lot better from when you first started here. "Even" the Reign? Mike (quick s) ZAT-cow-SKI Jr. The Meutes? Not sure how much this works in VHL, but shooting percentage is really only a worthwhile stat when comparing it to a player's career average. Phil V is ssdd, Jajuaz (pretty sure that's wrong) is Knight. I always get Tyler and Tylar mixed up as well. Hits taken would be interesting to look at in more depth. Not as good as your last podcast, but this was decent.


Professionalism: 2/2 - Not bad. Like I said before though, I'd try to have some tabs open beforehand to have the information up that you need. Could also work on your transitions from topic to topic.


Editing: 1/1 - Yup. 


FINAL: 6/6

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