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Lennox Moher embarrasses himself on and off the ice


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Does Moher do anything right?



Can he even stand on his own two feet? Just, Jesus.


DAVOS, SWITZERLAND - After a 5-0 loss, Lennox Moher took to the Alps to try and find some solace. Instead, he found himself relegated to the bunny hills as his level of skiing talent was akin to his current ability to stop the puck. The HC Davos Dynamo have struggled, in large part to the struggles of their goalie. His save percentage is now in the bottom tier of the league, ahead of just two starting net minders: Brick Wahl (91.5 SV%) and HEL G (90.7 SV%). 


He routinely fell on the mountains. 


"I would say his current ability is right around a 1.5 out of 10," said Brittany Snijder, head ski instructor, "He's just not very good."


When asked about his goaltender's play recently, Davos coach Victor Alfredsson proclaimed, "I would say his current ability is right around a 1.5 out of 10; he's just not very good."


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The five goals wasn't why we lost, it was the zero. We cannot win if we don't give you any "run support."

If Davos is struggling, then I hate to imagine the word to describe the rest of the league.

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