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Yukon Gamble Paying Off


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This is Don Drapers first season here in the VHLM; after being a late entry into the draft itself, it surprised analysts and spectators alike when Yukon picked him up tenth overall. At first, most of us were confused by this. Draper was, really, nothing special. He was simply a mediocre defensemen (with a reportedly less than mediocre attitude), so it came as a shock to everyone that Yukon would pick him up over other defensemen with more hype surrounding them.


However, by the looks of things at this point, Yukon's gamble on Draper just might be paying off. It seems he has greatly improved and refined his skill set since first entered the VHLM, as he is now a first line defensemen and just recently got put on the first powerplay lineup. We asked him what he has been doing to improve so much in such little time:

"Well, I've just been working my ass off really. Going to the gym, eating better, working hard in practice. Also, although im ashamed of it, i did go through a brief period of sobriety in order to better myself. Back to normal now though, no worries."

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