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Usually this kind of info is released at the start of the season. However, with how strong of a presence the new players were making, we wanted to take our time. This season, we're going to have a revolving door system and share the letters between 3 people in the sim and officially. Splitting the season the best they can between the 3 of them. Without further blabbering....


1. Acyd Burn - @Acydburn He blabs a lot, is a huge team player and is a big part of the discussion, activity and experience in the locker room. We sneak diss one another in the LR, but at the end of the day we did a great job adding him to the team.


2. Hulk Hogan @HulkHogan He fell to us and whatever the reason that was, we're extremely happy he did. He's an amazing LR presence and is going to be a good defender for the Bears and in the VHL. I'd imagine that starts next season when we really get to see what he can do!


3Scott Greene - @DoktorFunk This pick was a little tougher than say Acyd, but Greene has been a guy who has extremely surprised me. There's been a few of those guys who have really stepped up and I have a lot of great thing to say about DF. I really hope he sticks around, pans out and all that good shit because we have a really great thing firing up in Seattle.


And of course, as always, there's always so many great people in the LR who would have been able to lead the reigns for the Bears this season. I know it probably sucks but it was literally impossible to pick between some of you guys. @HenrikZoiderberg, @Esso2264 and @Da Trifecta have all played their parts for the locker room. Esso is always a person and GM I've liked, similar to DT. Always easy to bullshit with him and ZOIDERBERG has been a member that has pleasantly surprised me and was strongly in the loop for leadership and could very well be in the future too. Also noticed a good amount of positives from @Walter Fizz lately after a small issue. 


Thank you to all the Bears so far this season. @berocka @Smarch @Rayzor_7 @Dangles13 @diamond_ace @Dtayl


PS Come back @Spade18 fuck. July is almost over. 



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