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Kai Randal Rookie Profile

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Kai Randal Rookie Profile


Basic Information:

Name: Kai Randal
Position: Left Wing
Jersey: 17
Birthdate: 8/26
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 201 lbs


The true definition of underdog but someone who deserves that title as well, Kai Randal is that type of guy. He's your typical average person living an average life, like the "Villager A" you often meet in roleplaying game. That's right, you don't expect him to be that hero who would take out a magical sword from a magical stone and embark on an adventure to fight a lame-ass monster to save a princess who can do nothing but weep in tear. You also wouldn't expect him to be that weakling who always get himself captured and is surprisingly famous for being weak. He's somewhere in the middle therefore not making him well known and his hockey style is quite the same. Thus far, Randal has been developing into a defensive-minded player who would look to share the puck whenever he can. He's a pass-first guy who has exceptional skating skill for a rookie and constantly improving his defense and puck handling. Because he's a non-threat when it comes to scoring or attacking, he's not a player built to be a franchise player which serve as his downside. Randal appears to be fine with it however, and that could possibly serve as his bright side. It appears that he plan on building himself to be a team-first player by improving his defense and off-the puck (? Or whatever they call it in hockey) movement to improve the team's performance. We believe that if he succeed in doing so, he won't be a Villager A anymore. He'll be the best friend or brother of that hero who always lend a helping hand whenever he's in trouble then disappear and work in the shadow. He'll be a so called "Unsung Hero". Enough about the game comparison, let's break down his skills in the good old classic "Pros and Cons" way.


Passing: As mentioned, Randal is a pass-first player and he has the skill to back it up. It's possibly his baldness which may actually possess hidden power that can activate deadly (or not) passing skill but Randal is good at it. His passing skill might not be on par with other top-tier players in the VHL right now but for a guy his age, it's pretty good to say at least. What we notice from his game is that whenever he has the puck, he tends to look around and skim through the area to find the best passing route and choice as well. His puck handling isn't quite there yet therefore he won't be able to handle the puck without looking however his pass-first mindset can really bond the team together and that's always good. After all, when you're willing to share the puck, good thing happen.

Skating: We visited the Bratislava Watchmen's training a few times and while other players would pour more effort into Scoring or Defense, Randal would try his best to learn how to skate better. Apparently, Randal sees skating as the most important skill in hockey. It might be linked to how he liked Hockey in the first place due to the magnificent skating and puck handling he saw which is a beauty he can't get off his mind. Enough about that, Randal is slowly developing into a decent skater. He can move around without the puck and free himself for a pass from his teammate. Randal also has the skating skill necessary to outrun his opponent be it on offense or defense. This skating skill of his might aid to his passing maneuver in the future so that is an exciting thing to look forward to.

Defense: A shocker right? It may be true that his puck handling might be better than his defense as of now but that's as of now. Randal has been working on his playmaking skill and we have no doubt our my mind he'll be a defensive winger. He appears to put a lot of effort on defense knowing that he's not a scoring threat so he has to help his team on defense as well. It appears that Randal is taking a different route because most Wingers are the offensive type and he's the opposite. Even though he's not going to be a superstar in the future due to his inability to score, he will at least be a decent role player. After all, some teams need different type of player from time to time.


Scoring: We've said it again and again and we're going to keep on saying it - Kai Randal is horrible when it comes to scoring. At the end of the day, the name of the game is still scoring and being a winger himself, scoring is the most important thing for him. However, Randal is different and can't score to save his life. Most of his shots would either miss the net completely or get deflected easily by the goalie. His snap shot is slow and not accurate, all of his other shots are pretty much on the same level. To make matter worst, he doesn't know that many shots type limiting his option. By not being a scoring threat, his playmaking ability can take a huge toll because the defenders know he's looking to pass everytime thus making him predictable. His inability in this aspect of the game might be because of his shallow experience of hockey and not putting his time to work on it.

Strength: It's blatantly obvious that Randal is not a strong player. He tends to get overpowered easily which result in him losing control of the puck on offense turning it over and not being able to challenge for the puck on defense. His lack of strength made him an easy picking for stronger foe because he will get overpowered more often that not. This weakness of his is currently being shadowed by the fact that he's a winger and playing in the VHLM however, his strength is a cause of concern come the time where he'll be playing in the VHL where most of the players, if not all, are physically strong. While some might argue that this isn't that important, we feel that it is because the key of winning a hockey game is controlling the puck. If you can't control it, you have lesser chance of winning and turning the puck over so easily is definitely something one should avoid

Aggressiveness: Randal is classified as a 'soft' type of player. It's partly due to his physical state and also partly because of his personality. Randal prefers to avoid hard contact and would get easily pushed around. When trying to challenge the for the puck, he also subconsciously avoid as much contact as possible. It also works as a downside on offense. His lack of strength also made it easier for him to be pushed around and also the reason why he prefer to not be aggressive. He knows that with the strength he has, it won't do good for him. This weakness can lead to frustration out of his teammates, fans and pundits as they usually won't tolerate soft players and would criticize them.

1200 Words

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 4.5/5

I thought you did a really god job with the pros and cons detail. However, and while not typically lumped into the same ordeal, in this case, the grammar did hinder the content and the flow as an entity. I can sense that you put a lot of effort and thought into this, which is why it is such a shame that the grammar destroyed it.

Grammar: 0/1

Holy cock.


roleplaying game = role playing games

in tear = in tears

always get himself = always gets himself

middle therefore = middle, therefore

skill = skills

and constantly = and is constantly

which serve = which serves

that he plan = that he plans

succeed = succeeds

lend = lends

disappear and work = disappears and works

Hero".  Enough = Hero." Enough

looking however = looking. However,

good thing happen = good things happen.

Hockey = hockey

opponent be it = opponent, be it

doubt our mind = doubt in our mind

Wingers = wingers

different type of player= different types of players

not accurate, = inaccurate;

matter worst = matters worse
he doesn't know that many shots type limiting his option = okay, what?

everytime = every time

for stronger foe = for a stronger foe

often that not = often than not

VHLM however, = VHLM. However,

have lesser = have a fewer

one should avoid = one should avoid. (missing the period at the end)

the for the = for the

avoid = avoids

prefer = prefers

won't do good for him = won't do well for him


Appearance: 1/1

This looked very good.

Over 500 Words? 1/1

1,213 words

Overall 6.5/8

Edited by Svoboda_3
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  • 2 weeks later...

Content: 5/5 - The grammar may not have been the best, but I could still understand the story you were telling. Defense as a pro is definitely not something you usually see from a forward in the VHLM. 


Grammar: .25/1 - It doesn't really matter, but I went back and forth with this grade. Yes, the list is extremely long, but there was really only one error that really took away from the point you were trying to get across. 


Appearance: 1/1 - Very nice looking.


Over 500 words: 1/1 - Yup.


Overall: 7.25/8


FINAL: 7/8

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