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Molholt's Sports Agency hasn't had the greatest run of player clients to date, containing primarily a long list of short lived careers, over-hyped talent that never pans out, and even players who become uninterested in playing professionally. His current client, Jarkko Olsen, is showing a resurgence after appearing to fall into the same path as those before him. The agency is thought to be the primary reason for Olsen's change in mentality and focus on hockey again. 


MSA has had plenty of experience with sport's families, with the Clinton's in the EBA/ABA, and Olsen, who is one of three hockey brothers who have spent time in the VHL/VHLM (Karsten currently being a Seattle Bear, and the best of the three). MSA has established a relationship with the Savage family, a talented group of hockey players from Ontario. The oldest brother, Kevin, is already represented and playing professionally in the NHL. However, MSA has the opportunity to represent the two younger brothers, A.C. and Wayne, as well as Tyrone, a cousin to the brothers.




A.C. Savage



Height: 6'2

Weight: 200

Catches: Left

Number: 70

From: Toronto


Most recent season -

46 GP 29 W 11 L 4 OTL 2.14 GAA 0.934 SV% 5 SO


Analysis: A.C. is perhaps the most talented of the Savages, a terrific goalie with great presence and mobility in net. His 5 shutouts led his league this past season, and his .934 SV% helped carry his team into the playoffs. A.C. got 7 more wins in the playoffs, including 3 shutouts, but his team fell short of the league title. He will remain with them for at least another season, developing his skills until he is ready to move to the next level. 





Wayne Savage



Height: 5'9

Weight: 175

Shoots: Right

Number: 14

From: Toronto


Most recent season -

66 GP 15 G 36 A 51 PTS 22 +/- 47 PIM


Analysis: Wayne is a respectable offensive defenseman, putting up 51 points in his last season, with 36 coming from assists. He had a 22 +/-, which was 4th on his team. Wayne is a bit smaller, but will likely grow into his body more over the next season or two, as he prepares for the possibility of entering the VHLM. Wayne has stated publicly that he wants to play in the VHL during his career. Wayne played this past season with his brother A.C., but they will be on separate team's next year as Wayne was traded in the offseason for help at forward. Wayne had 5 points and a 10 +/- in the playoffs. 




Tyrone Savage



Height: 6'0

Weight: 195

Shoots: Right

Number: 88

From: Cambridge


Most recent season -

2 GP 0 G 1 A 1 PTS -2 +/- 2 PIM


Analysis: Tyrone is the Savage cousin, and his skills may be lacking compared with A.C. and Wayne. His most recent season was stricken with injuries, and Tyrone only suited up for 2 games. He spent the season rehabbing and looks to be in much better form and fully healed next year. He will need to improve on all areas of his game to show he can play at the next level. The season before his injury, Tyrone played in 34 games, managing only 3 points, a -3 +/-, and 28 penalty minutes. How his abilities will transfer is yet to be determined, but the already decently sized Tyrone is likely to grow, and could be an old school enforcer and fighter, if he can come back healthy this season. 

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