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Claimed:More Changes For Express Front Office

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More Changes For Express Front Office


The off-season already saw a couple of changes to the Cologne Express front office with long time GM Joey Kendrick stepping down and former Assistant GM Alexander Schneider taking over as his successor, but it looks like this was only the beginning. Now, a few weeks into the Season 38 campaign, the new GM is starting to bring in his own people as well as retain some familiar faces to keep them in the organization. The rebuilding Express are currently sitting outside of a playoff spot, about where most people expected them, so instead of addressing immediate team needs by bringing in depth players the focus has shifted towards building organizational depth for the future – both on the player depth chart and on the team staff.


A total of four new (and old) staffers were brought in by the Express over the last few weeks to fill a variety of positions with the team. The team's new Director of Media Relations is Michael Kavannagh who was recommended to the team by one of their recent draftees, Kai Randal, after he had already worked with Kavannagh on one of his junior teams. Another draftee that helped the team out in finding new personnel is Blaine Olynick, he suggested a candidate for the job of Director of Player Progression who was promptly hired as well. A few contract details still need to be worked out though so because of that, the name of the candidate has not been made public yet.




A very familiar face will support the team as a scout from now on. Probably the biggest surprise of all the moves made was the hiring of former General Manager Joey Kendrick, who as the team announced will return to an active capacity with the team after taking a few months off following his resignation as GM. Kendrick will mainly act as the head of Cologne’s European based scouting operations, but he is also expected to travel to North America multiple times over the next few months to take in the rest of the prospect. There he will probably also meet Phil Schenn, the teams second new scout. The former VHL player had taken some time off after retiring as well but has since worked his way up as a respected talent evaluator. He will take over his first full-time position and will serve as the Express’ Head North American Scout.


Express GM Alexander Schneider hasn’t just been busy bringing in new people to the Cologne front office though. While he is sharing and distributing some of the power by getting more people involved in a leadership function than ever before in franchise history, he has also been talking about quite a few trades that could possibly happen for the Express in the near future. Especially the names of Kameron Taylor and Malcom Spud have been circulating a lot lately, other players that could be traded include goaltender Evgeni Chekhov as well as David Collier. Schneider didn’t want to comment on any of these rumors, but he didn’t have to since the course Cologne is taking has been pretty clear for a while now: Shipping out established players to bring in more youth in form of prospects and draft picks. It seems to be only a matter of time until these players will be dealt as well, just like Reggie Dunlop, Gregory Glass and Cody Inko in the weeks leading up to last year’s trade deadline…

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Content: 3/3

581 words. A really nice article featuring the hirings in Cologne consisting of various former VHLers, as well, the possible changes that could take place for the rebuilding Titans.

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players the = players, the

teams = teams'

lately, = lately;


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Title, pictures, bolding..just missing titties

Overall: 6/6

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