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Claimed:Trading Draft Picks Pt. 3

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Guest Svoboda_3

Trading Draft Picks PT.3

In other MS’ I have went over the dealings of 1st and 2nd overall in which teams that had those selections but later traded them. The trade of the 1st overall to Amstel who are no longer a team proved to be a bad trade for the Amstel Tijgers but good for the other team which was the Calgary Wranglers. The trade of 2nd overall proved bad for the team trading 2nd overall which was the Hamilton Canucks. They traded the 2nd overall to the Vasteras IK who picked possibly the greatest player in VHL history. Now I will talk about the rest of the trades that involved draft picks pre-season 1.


To knfxFY7.png

Season 1 Calgary 5th Round Draft Pick ~ Right Wing Aaron Hill


To YTzfe5K.png

Season 1 Vasteras 5th Round Draft Pick ~ Defenseman Shawn Howard

Season 1 Vasteras 6th Round Draft Pick ~ Right Wing Cody Banks


Trade Breakdown

This was thought to be just a pure depth move by the Calgary Wranglers. They gained two draft picks for just one as Vasteras simply wanted to move up in the draft.



Aaron Hill managed 0 TPE. Think about that, Vasteras gave up two draft picks to move up and select a player that did nothing at all for them. That right there should give you a little insight as to who won this trade. Shawn Howard amassed a total of 173 TPE in his career. Cody Banks came in with 97 TPE, which is better than the 0 TPE Aaron Hill put up. To recap this, Vasteras traded two players who amassed a total of 270 TPE for a player who gained 0 TPE.


Career Stats

Aaron Hill was able to play one season in the VHL which came in his draft season where he put up 7 goals and 20 assists for 27 points in 72 games. This trade is not really looking good for Vasteras if they only got one season out of Hill.


Shawn Howard on the other hand was able to log 433 games played, posting 56 goals and 239 assists for 295 points. He also was a +9, had 527 PIMS, 347 hits, 505 shots and 737 shots blocked. That is pretty good for someone drafted in the 5th round. Cody banks on the other hand was able to see 430 games, posting 118 goals and 173 assists for 291 points. He was an unfortunate -84. The other stats are as follows, 470 PIMS, 329 hits, 1286 shots and 299 shots blocked.


The playoff stats are a little different as Aaron Hill managed to win a cup with Vasteras as he posted 2 assists in 11 games for the Black Eagles in their cup run during Season 1. Cody Banks was on the Calgary team that lost to Hill and Vasteras in Season 1. Shawn Howard was not signed to a contract. Cody Banks played in 16 career playoff games scoring 6 goals and having 1 assist for 7 points. Shawn Howard was able to play in 36 career games posting 3 goals and 11 assists for 14 points. No games with Calgary though.


Final Analysis

The trade may be much closer than you think as Aaron Hill won a cup in his only season in Vasteras. Cody Banks was later traded from Calgary to obtain parts for their Season 2 cup run, while Shawn Howard won a cup, but not with the Calgary Wranglers. The determining fact in this is that while Aaron Hill didn’t play a huge part on the cup team, is that this trade is pretty even in hindsight as Shawn Howard was not signed to a contract and Cody Banks played in only one season with Calgary. I have no other choice but to declare this trade even. 

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

635 words. A nice little consistent series you have running here. Obviously you had to do some digging for the stats and such, which I can respect. Your writing has improved drastically over the last while and it appears that you are getting A. Comfortable with writing and B. It's not so much as a chore for you, which helps.

Grammar: 2/2

I just want you to be aware of short sentences. You have a lot of them, and instead of carrying out a thought, you tend to chop it up into three short sentences instead of finding a way to extend that to avoid the choppy structure. If you are unsure of what I mean, hit me up.


Vasteras IK who = Vasteras IK, who

pre-season 1. = prior to the inaugural season. (wording suggestion)

season where = season, where


Appearance: 1/1

The little logos I inserted for you added a lot...lol

Overall: 6/6

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