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I love this Riga New York rivalry going on, these silly New York peasants actually think they can beat us. Fjorssom for ROTY and all that good stuff. I like how the sim is making my player be like nearly the best forward on Riga even though other people have like more than 100 tpez than me. I think skating is really important in the sim for some reason so I get up skating. Also Squinty was active the other day and usually reads those so hello Squinty! I like how other people make such nice professional xm radios and then I just make random ones like these. Anywho, Mike wanted me to put a giraffe picture at the bottom of this so I guess I will. Robin Gow is a scrub. Victor is an old man. It's midnight and I probably should go to bed so I guess I will call it a day. Goodnight everyone and yay over 150 words.

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