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VHL/VHLM Stars Headed to New Orleans


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Every hockey player has their own hobbies outside of the game they play, of course. Within the VHL and the VHLM, there's a collection of players that have formed a bond that brings them together, and that is professional wrestling.


With the regular season currently in full swing for both leagues, the players have all breathed a sigh of relief when upon looking at their schedules, noticing that there are no games to be played on April 6, 2014. The same day as WrestleMania 30.


This group of players, some names such as Logan Laich, Kimmo Salo, Steven Smyl, Wesley Kellinger, Blaine Olynick, Brick Wahl, among others took upon this opportunity to buy front row seats to this storied event.


"I'm going to be wearing my Heath Slater shirt, hopefully I can get a picture with him," said a suspiciously excited Brick Wahl.


Logan Laich has been vocal about being fed up with WWE and their booking, but since Daniel Bryan has been technically added to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture, the rest of the group has been pretty happy he's stopped complaining.


Some signs that the group plans to bring include phrases such as "Heath Slater for World Champ!", "I'd rather be watching ROH", and "Cena's okay!".


Going to last year's WrestleMania, Blaine Olynick thinks this one will be much better.


"It was nearly 30 degrees that day, I was sitting in the 5th to last row, I had drunks around me, and the only good match was Punk vs Taker, which was predictable."


No matter how the night ends, it's still about being at such a spectacle like WrestleMania. The VHL(M) stars will be sure to set their on ice differences aside for this one night.

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Nah your fine. I love Bryan tbh. Although I mostly just want to see the end of this story (ergo him winning the Title at mania) so the booking at least somewhat would make sense and have some logical payoff. 

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