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Conner Low On Pace to be a Legend


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The Greek God of Checking, the Greatest Thing since Sliced Bread, the Ninth Wonder of the World. None of these phrases are in remote danger of being used to describe the terrible waste of space that is Edwin Encarnacion, however, the Dominican, seemingly for the first time in his hockey career, has conceded that he may not actually believe that he is the best hockey player in the league. In a sit down interview with…well no-one, we only found out because he said this because he recorded it, Edwin admitted that there was one player in the VHL that was out of his reach.


“Y’know man, it’s tough nahmsayin’? I mean we go back to my rookie season man, I was on top of the world man, nahmsayin’? I was the God of all Gods yeah? And y’know, we came to season 36 and I was on the bench man, and I was like “Shit man, I ain’t concerned no more” nahmsayin’? But I came to Cologne, got my starting spot back, but man. I come back man, and there’s one guy who’s come while I’ve gone and…he’s just too good, nahmsayin’?”


The camera zooms closer to Edwin and a tear trickles down his cheek


“I mean Connor Low man, the way…sorry, this is tough…the way that he can pick up PIMs man, he’s like from another world man. I mean, I’ve never seen a guy that determined to sit in that penalty box man, he’s like a Second Jesus nahmsayin’? I know I played with him in Saskatoon man, but this guy, he’s just gone to a fourth level man, he’s unreal man. I mean he put a close hand on the puck the other day, that’s just some upper tier shit man! One day man, I just want us to share a penalty box with that guy, and just crack open a beer man, and just look back at how much we’ve done for this game”

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