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Robert Gow III likes giraffes


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RIGA, Latvia - At a local fair in Riga, Channel 8 news met up with young forward Robert Gow III who plays for the local Reign. As a very charitable member to the community, he painted his face to look like a zombie. Although not the youngest player on the team, you wouldn't guess that with how he's pictured here. Upon being questioned about how his day is going he responded with "I like giraffes."  With there being no giraffes, or any animals at this fair for that matter, our reporter could do nothing but ignore the question and move on. She went on to ask how being a hockey player is and especially what it's like to play in a city like Riga.  He responded,"I like giraffes," once again.


Well there you have it folks, not only does RGIII like giraffes, but we also learned that he is a very special boy and we commemorate the Riga Reign for having this young lad in their locker room.   

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