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American’s Mid-Season Grades 



With just over half the season gone, the Americans can look back and say that so far they are progressing more or less on schedule. In year two of the rebuild, the Americans have gone from cellar dweller to back into playoff contention, giving fans plenty of things to cheer for this season. In 38 games this season the Americans have 22 wins and are currently in the playoff hunt, two points ahead of the Seattle Bears. Acquiring Odin Tordahl has been a key component as he spearheads the playoff drive while providing leadership for the young group. At VHL Hockey, we did some mid-season grades on the individual players and their key stats.



Odin Tordahl – FW 

24G 34A +19 297SH

Picking up where he left off last year, Tordahl has been playing well for the Americans as he looks to break the 100 point barrier again. The two way stud has been in good form, playing alongside rookie Tom Slaughter and sophomore Xin Xie Xiao. His hits are lower this year but that is the direct result of that line having such great puck possession. His 24 goals and 58 points lead the team and he has looked arguably like the team mvp since the season has started. 

Grade: A




Conner Low – D

15G 39A +14 165H

No signs of a sophomore slump here for the smooth skating Conner Low as he continues where he left off last year when he took the league by storm. Currently tied with Malcom Spud in defensive scoring, Low is looking to repeat his success as he sits in top 10 in both hits and shot blocking. On pace to break the 100 point barrier, Low is well in contention for team MVP as he looks to lead the Americans to a playoff spot. He just needs to keep his emotions in check as he is currently leads the league in penalty minutes as well, racking up 114 mins in the sin bin. The Americans would prefer him to be on the ice rather than in the box.

Grade: A+




Xin Xie Xiao – FW 

23G 20A +23 6 First Stars

Second in team scoring with 23 goals, XXX is looking like a future top 10 goal scorer. All but 4 of his points have come even strength this season so there is definitely room for him to improve on his point totals, but nevertheless he has proven to be a dangerous player 5 on 5 and highly proficient on the penalty kill. His impact in games cannot be understated as he has come up big at times when the team has needed him the most. He leads the team in first star selections with six. The Americans need him to take more shots as in his two season in the VHL, he has shown to defer more to others when it comes to shooting despite his proficient goal scoring in the minors. 

Grade: B




Giygas  FW

17G 25A 55.89%FO 15PPP

A free agent signing that has stabilized the second line for the Americans, Giygas has been an integral addition to the Americans this season. Giygas is on pace to shatter his previous season point totals. He is winning key face offs for the team and has been contributing well on the power play. Is still adjusting to his new linemates but that should smooth out in time. 

Grade: B





Tom Slaughter – FW

10G 30A +23 56.52%FO 

The rookie sensation has been making head lines and showing strong two way play in only his first season in the VHL. Already relied upon as the first line center, Slaughter has not looked out of place playing with Tordahl and XXX. Already he takes key faceoffs both in the defensive and offensive zone for the Americans and his 40 points sit tops among rookies and just outside the top 10 for centers in the league. The points will come, as he has mentioned to media previously, as long as he keeps up his strong two way play. Has room to improve in all facets of the game as he climbs towards his superstar label.

Grade: A




Simon Tremblay  FW

18G 17A 287SH

A year after leading the Americans in goal scoring with 45 goals in 72 games, Tremblay has hit the dreaded sophomore slump. While still productive, Tremblay’s 18 goals in 38 games puts him on pace for 34 goals this season, a mere shadow of his previous season. We expect his shooting percentage to come back up sometime through the year but when a down year consists of “only” 30 goals scored and close to a point per game, that’s still pretty good. Still needs to learn to utilize teammates better and could improve on playing without the puck.

Grade: B




Tony Stark  D

5G 16A 130PKM

What you see is basically what you get with Tony. He is on pace for another 40 point season which coincides with his typical performance. Still provides quality minutes as a depth player, there isn’t much else one can expect from Stark. Has done fairly in his role and played the second most penalty kill minutes on the team.

Grade: B




Andrey Zadorov - D

17A +4

The huge mobile defenseman Zadorov has been steady on the back end. He has played solid minutes even strength and on the penalty kill. Has been making good first passes out of the zone but his offensive ability from the minor league has yet to materialize thus far in the VHL. Despite not having much success offensively, Zadorov has still been very reliable if unspectacular on the backend. Lots of room for improvement still.

Grade: B




Logan Laich - FW

4G 4A 155H

Most didn't think Laich was going to make the team but he had a very good training camp and was ok playing depth minutes. Laich has untapped offensive potential but his skating is way below par. He still possesses all the tools, just needs to put them all together. Considering where he is in his development stage, he has given a very solid effort and plays with heart and energy as shown by his 155 hits which ties Connor Low for team lead. He is maturing very quickly.  

Grade: B-




Brick Wahl - G

16W 0.915% 4SO

Wahl has done fairly well this season, following up on a good rookie season. He has given the team a chance to win each night and hasn't really had any bad stretches. Still he will need to turn up his game as they go in for the stretch run towards the playoffs. Wahl is improving each and every game, and at his current trajectory, can be counted among the elite goalies in the league very soon.

Grade: B

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

1,131 words. A really nice complete look at the report card of the New York Americans. I liked that you just did it in one shot, instead of a 2-part series. It read real well and was consistent content-wise throughout. Nice work with the stats.

Grammar: 1.75/2

They added up and while not severe, there were some important grammatical ethics that weren't practiced here.


American's = Americans' (the team is called the Americans)

season the = season, the

100 point = 100-point (x2)

two way = two-way (x2)

mvp = MVP

season = seasons

face offs = face-offs (x2)

Is still adjusting = Giygas is still adjusting

head lines = headlines

to media = to the media

Has room to improve = Tom has room to improve

40 point = 40-point

for team lead = for the team lead

Appearance: 1/1

Looked good.

Overall: 5.75/6

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