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S37 Recruitment Drive


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For the next week until the trade deadline ends, all recruitment points for bringing in new members will be doubled.

All members who are credited with a recruit during this time will be entered into a draw to win one of these three prizes.

1 - free doubles week

2 - doubles week

3 - free week

Thanks. Just post in this thread with any new recruits you have brought in in order to be entered and to be able to claim the double points.

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This has been an outstanding success thus far


BTW, genuine applaud to Kendrick for getting someone.  Keep up the good work sir

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Good turn out here. I think there are three people ao the three rewards will go to them. I will randomize it to determine who gets what. Thanks for the small support. I hope to see this continue every season and for some growth in future campaigns. Better real life prizes will be coming up.

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1 - free doubles week - Kendrick

2 - doubles week - Boom

3 - free week - Fever


As decided by a random number sequence. :cheers:

Well thank you, thats massive. Good work Fever and Boomer Esiason

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