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Claimed:Update on the World Peace


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Have you seen my job motivation?


Sometimes, all the motivation a controversial player like Ron World Peace needs to get the motor for his sport going again is playing out of position. What may sound like a bad joke here is indeed the full truth. Several reports on web sites recently stated that World Peace had developed large self-frustration and to a certain extent massive alcoholic manners. That seems to be gone now, as his motivation is back on full swing and the German defenseman himself ready to do some damage out there again. Earlier this week, he revealed to a German newspaper his newest secret of success.


“We had some scrimmages in practice over the course of the week. During these games, we all played out of our normal positions. I could play as a winger, as a center, and also as a goalie. Even though it has been some fun, I clearly understood why I chose the position I play,” World Peace elaborated for his readers. “All these other positions really do not entertain me in any way. I just need the fun, the fights, and the excitement that playing as a primarily defender brings me.” Now that he seems to have relit his inner fire, World Peace is eager to show the Cologne Express’ front office that they can count on him next season. With his two-way style of play, the German is always a source of danger for opponents. Behind Wacthmen defenseman David Januzaj, World Peace sits at an astonishing second place the VHLM in points.



World Peace as a goalie


Bern player fights with neighbor for animal


Even though he has not been responsible for the bad PR this time, Ron World Peace still enters the headlines of the yellow press on a nightly basis like Mick Jagger did in his best days. Last week has been the same as always, with the incident being one of strangest in World Peace’s short career. A few weeks ago, World Peace spent his money on a pit bull puppy to celebrate the first time that his salary check went on to live longer in a month than ten days. That dog, named Bully, has been his one (and only) hobby throughout the last several weeks and gave World Peace the purest joy he has received since throwing a bloody fight in his younger days.


What caused the German defenseman to erupt, was a neighbor who was drunkenly throwing empty beer bottles at moving objects or animals – like Bully. Of course, World Peace – also tipsy at that evening – could not accept or tolerate such behavior and taught that person his own version of peacefully living with animals. The now-victim suffered multiple fractures and broke a rip as well as his nose. A video circulating around the web shows a pretty laughable fight between two drunken persons that World Peace ends with a good use of his huge body. It is unsure whether the VHLM player is going to be sued in court or if he manages to reach agreement with the counter side without juridical help – the following weeks might help in sorting this problem out. Either way, the bad press for World Peace does not seem to stop.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

541 words. This media spot featuring a couple different subjects, was good in it's own right. It consisted of structure and some solid writing.

Grammar: 2/2

Not a lot.


himself ready = himself is ready

Wacthmen = Watchmen

rip = rib

Appearance: 1/1

You had a title, pictures, center alignment and a nice font. Looked good overall.

Overall: 6/6

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