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Hey everyone!


As has become tradition every season, this PT week (ending August 18th) is Theme Week. For those who have been here for the past few seasons, you know how it works. For those who haven't been around, it means that this week you have a chance to earn up to 8 Uncapped TPE by submitting Tasks related to the theme. As has also become tradition, since this is being posted Monday morning, it is possible that some of you may have already submitted tasks for the week. If that is the case (or you have a multi-week MS), you may still participate, and delay claiming either task by one week. However, to be eligible for Theme Week bonus TPE, your point task must be posted by August 18th. (As @Beketov always reminds when I post these, if you have a job that replaces a PT, you may automatically claim the doubles, and if you have a job that pays the full cap, you may claim all 8 Uncapped TPE, provided you still perform your duties this week).


Now that that's taken care of, the theme this season is: VHL Expansion! As some of you surmised when the job posting went up earlier this season, the GM vacancy we were looking for was to fill the position for expansion. A few even bandied about the idea that, perhaps, the league would expand by two teams. Well, those in the latter group were correct, as the VHL will be expanding by two teams in Season 68, bringing our total to 12 VHL teams, more than the league has ever had before. Many great candidates applied for these jobs, and were discussed at great length. Ultimately, with only 2 openings, it was a tough decision, and we thank everyone for applying, and encourage you to continue the great jobs you all have been doing, especially the VHLM GMs who applied, as there will be openings in the future, and all who did not earn the job this time around will be considered for any future openings. That said, the GMs of these two new franchises will be: @diamond_ace and @Enorama.


The team locations, names, and expansion draft rules will be announced during the off-season, which leaves this theme very open to interpretation. You can write articles on where the teams may end up, how you think the expansion draft will work, how you think the process works, GM profiles, or anything else you can think of relating to VHL Expansion. For graphics, you can create logos, mystery team sigs, etc. relating to Expansion.


TPE Distribution for completing themed tasks will be as follows:

  • Complete a Regular Point Task (Media Spot / Graphic/Video / Podcast), on 'Theme', and receive an extra 6 Uncapped TPE  
  • Complete a VHL.com submission (Written / Graphic / Podcast), on 'Theme', and receive an extra 1 Uncapped TPE 
  • Complete both 'Theme' submissions, receive an additional 1 Uncapped TPE, for a total of 8 Uncapped TPE  



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14 minutes ago, McWolf said:

could I claim a double week on top of the 6 bonus from the event on a single PT?

No, doubles cannot be stacked. If you've already claimed a doubles this week, claim the 6 Uncapped next week.

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3 minutes ago, DollarAndADream said:

What is a "mystery team sig" exactly?


I'm guessing it can't really be a player render with a name, because we don't know who's on these teams. Can I create a GM sig?


GM Sigs are good too. Mystery Team sig can be with a fake logo, or a blank logo, and any text that would make sense for an as-yet unknown team. i.e. "Coming in S68..." or "S68 Expansion Draftee 1st Overall" or something like that.

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