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7 hours ago, Quik said:

As has also become tradition, since this is being posted Monday morning, it is possible that some of you may have already submitted tasks for the week. If that is the case (or you have a multi-week MS), you may still participate, and delay claiming either task by one week. However, to be eligible for Theme Week bonus TPE, your point task must be posted by August 18th.


22 minutes ago, Victor said:

Assume I can do the doubles next week as I foolishly already claimed the second week of my MSs.



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On 8/12/2019 at 3:36 PM, Quik said:

No, doubles cannot be stacked. If you've already claimed a doubles this week, claim the 6 Uncapped next week.

So how do I claim 6+6 uncapped points?

So I wrote a 6 pts media spot, and I then claim either Doubles Week for Happy Birthday VHL, or from Theme week....

and then?

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19 minutes ago, sjs88speed said:

It may be helpful to newer people to explain how to claim the extra TPE for events like this, as not everyone has been through it before, and the system can be confusing at times. You explain how to get it, just not how to claim it.

Just claim it as other. You can either leave a comment in your PT thread for the extra claim or just don’t leave a link (fine with other) and out the comment as theme week. Either way the updaters will check that you did what was needed anyway.

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