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Expansion: Two Franchises to Consider

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With the recent announcement of two new expansion teams one must wonder which lucky cities will be chosen to house a brand-new chapter in the VHL’s history? The league has given us a chance to present our best proposal and while I haven’t had an expansion team in mind to already suggest (like Hawaii) the answer in where to look came when looking at our Conferences.

The world is divided in the VHL with a line placed between North America and Europe. In order for balance to remain in the league this means we must add a team to both Conferences. However, simply adding a team in any city is not the right answer- the new franchises must succeed! Today we look at two cities that make a lot of sense for adding a VHL expansion team, and first we start with North America:




Chicago is the second most populated city on the Eastern side of the United States (after New York). Currently, there are three teams in the North America conference that are Canadian, it’s time to add an American team. Chicago makes a lot of sense both because of it’s high population, but also it’s relatively close to the other locations on the Eastern side and would make travel in and out Chicago easy and ideal.


Team Name:

Chicago has a rich history of crime, whether it’s looking at the famous gangster Al Capone or bank robber John Dillinger, Chicago has an edge. There is a lot you could do with color schemes and logo design but creating an element of fear with the design would be essential. All should fear the Underworld.


Suggested Color Theme:

Because of the ode to the world of organized crime it makes sense to go with darker colors and so a primary color of Black with highlights of Green and Gray. Green to represent greed.




Next on the list is our idea for European expansion:




With most of the major European countries represented in the VHL there is one country that is a glaring omission, Germany. Berlin has the highest population of Germans with a total of 3,426,354 people, so it makes sense for the franchise to be placed there.


Team Name:

Berlin has a rich history filled with controversy but perhaps one of most important moments in history happened there when the Berlin wall was taken down. It was a moment where people from each side of the wall were finally reunited after years of being separated and torn apart. My initial thought was to create a name based on the people who fought against the, “system,” to free their loved ones and so I had written the ideas of Radicals or Rebels. However, the more I thought of the people in Germany who took those steps the more the name United bubbled to the surface. I still believe that names like Radicals or Rebels could work, but for me the first choice is United as I think it’s the best fitting title for what they have achieved.


Suggest Color Theme:

The Berlin Wall itself was filled with graphitti so it would be really cool to see a primary color of Gray (concrete) and have highlighted Graphitti  strewn across it with the word, “United,” in the middle and or a U. The placement of the graphitti would go across the chest so that it looked just like a wall that had been spray painted.


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4 hours ago, Tate said:

With most of the major European countries represented in the VHL there is one country that is a glaring omission,

This is definitely true


4 hours ago, Tate said:


...not entirely where I was going with that.

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