Thoughts on a potential Fantasy Draft

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First things first is that I absolutely hate this idea. I have thought about the idea of a fantasy draft every 20 years in professional sports leagues since it would be cool, although it is very impractical. Now being part of a league (even though it isn't real), I now know why no leagues do this. I don't want to leave Malmo. We have gathered draft picks over the last few seasons and are really building something, and now everything goes upside down. While I get that we would get other 'better' players from a fantasy draft, I think just completely changing the landscape of everything is a bad idea. I don't actually think this will happen and it was probably quik just saying something to get the extra TPE, but if it does I anticipate a lot of people will not be happy. While a cool idea in theory, this is a horrible idea in practice.


If the fantasy draft thing actually does happen, I will probably retire and re-create. I may not if the team is fun, but I just think this idea is clown, and if it happens, both commissioners will be immediately placed into the S tier clown level, and the BOG will be in the S tier as well (if they vote on it, not sure how it will work)

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