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Claimed:Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: S37 Team USA Outlook


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Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: S37 Team USA Outlook



NEW YORK - During the Season 34 off-season, patriotic fervor took over the United States as Team USA prevailed 3-2 over the United Kingdom on a shootout goal by legendary defenseman Ryan Sullivan.With the creation of the Super Cup, the World Cup has taken an additional year's hiatus, opposed to the usual two year break. However, after three seasons, international play is returning to the Victory Hockey League following the Continental Cup Finals and the United States once again figure to play a big role in the World Cup once again.


However, if the Americans wish to repeat, they will have to do so without the two men who sealed the deal: both Ryan Sullivan and goalie Skylar Rift have retired. Other big names that have ended their playing careers are Clark Marcellin, Brody Hodgson and Al Wilson, all pivotal members of the team. There are several players who will be returning, but the majority of this team will consist of new blood. Following will be a breakdown of the eligible players at each position, along with which are most likely to get the call to join Team USA.





:dav: Lennox Moher (529)

:cal: Rock Star (313)


We begin with goalie, which even at this stage of the season is already set in, err, stone. After spending two World Cups backing up Skylar Rift, Lennox Moher will be in net for the Americans coming off of a season in which he hoisted the Continental Cup. He has had a maddeningly inconsistent season from which he can go from allowing five goals to posting a shutout the next night. Allowing 2.06 goals a game is one of the better averages in the league, but his save percentage of .912 suggests that he will need run support to back him. Joining him is Rock Star, the infamous journeyman who has been in net for several teams that have not had the most honest of intentions. Not to say that it is a knock against him, but when you are allowing 4.67 goals on average a game, it's safe to say that he will be kept off of the ice as much as possible.


Expected Team USA Members:


1. :dav: Lennox Moher

2. :cal: Rock Star





:rig: Robin Gow (417)

:dav: Davey Jones (516)

:nya: Tom Slaughter (375)

:sea: Zack Sound (604)


Center is a solid position for Team USA to choose from this year. Zack Sound was a member of the Season 34 team and is more or less a lock to make the team this year as a veteran presence. Two future stars in Robin Gow and Tom Slaughter deserve to be considered as well, but Davey Jones of Davos will likely earn the second spot. Despite having a down year according to his own standards, he is still having a very good year with 47 points (24 goals, 23 assists) while playing out of position. With Sound likely on the first line, all the components for Jones to be deadly will be in line and he could very well be the key to victory for Team USA.


Expected Team USA Members:


1. :sea: Zack Sound

2. :dav: Davey Jones


Left Wing



:rig: Mikey Blade (540)

:tor: Reggie Dunlop (537)

:hel: Anderson Pooper (0)

:hel: Srraxxarrakex (0)


Much like with the goaltender position, left wing is already settled. It will simply be a matter of which player gets the spot on the first line. If things continue at the current rate, it will be Blade's job to lose, as his more dedicated appearances at practices and production on the ice will ultimately outweigh Dunlop's veteran experience. The gap between the two will likely get even wider by the time the World Cup is upon us, so it may not even be much of a question then who will get the top spot.


Expected Team USA Members:


1. :rig: Mikey Blade

2. :tor: Reggie Dunlop





:col: Edwin Encarnacion (332)

:yuk: Triton Jackson (144)

:nya: Conner Low (526)

:cal: Damien Sandow (276)

:tor: Jack Sound (556)

:col: Riley Stevens (201)

:tur: Jake Wylde (129)


Team USA will have quite the puzzler when it comes to deciding which defensemen to carry on their roster. New York's sensational Conner Low is an absolute no-brainer, as is Toronto's Jack Sound. Edwin Encarnacion's physical prowess will be invaluable for the Americans, regardless of his love for spending time in the penalty box. Despite Sandow's lead in practice hours over the rest, rumors of his retirement and dedication for the game have led many to believe that a younger talent like Triton Jackson or Jake Wylde will be getting the call to the World Cup over him. Riley Stevens of the Cologne Express is known for being a big hitter, but he has been most elusive as well over the past few seasons. Wylde's pedigree proceeds him, with many believing he will be joining the Americans' quest for gold before his VHL career even begins.


Expected Team USA Members:


1. :tor: Jack Sound

2. :nya: Conner Low

3. :col: Edwin Encarnacion

4. :tur: Jake Wylde


Right Wing



:sea: Sebastian Ball Jr. (663)

:rig: Robert Gow III (277)

:vas: Cody Inko (401)

:dav: Thomas Landry (590)

:col: Guido Schwarz Esq. (421)

:min: Bruno Wolf (101)


Right wing has a deep pool of talent for the Americans, including four members of the Season 34 Team: Sebastian Ball Jr, Thomas Landry, Cody Inko and Guido Schwarz Esquire. Two quality young players are in the mix, but their chances are slim to none of making the roster. Bruno Wolf is simply too raw this season, but will definitely be a major contender to make the team in Season 40. Robert Gow III is in the same boat, but the amount of success he is having with Riga this season will definitely garner him some consideration. Schwarz Esquire's bizarre antics and apparent intentions to retire have effectively removed any consideration Team USA would have shown towards him. With the defenseman-turned-right wing Inko currently not scoring amongst the top ten at his position, Landry and Ball Jr practically make the roster by default. However, Inko could certainly crack Team USA's roster at the defenseman position should he willing or able to do so.


Expected Team USA Members: 


1. :sea: Sebastian Ball Jr.

2. :dav: Thomas Landry


Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times, your number one source for assorted tomfoolery. He enjoys eradicating glittery vampires, looking for plot holes in movies and laying waste to the Rebel horde.


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Content: 3/3 - This will be the first time I'll be around for a World Cup in a very long time, so it's exciting to see some hype building up to it! I certainly enjoyed reading this and using it as a guide to the US team. Looks to be very strong.


Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty clear here!


Appearance: 1/1 - Loved it.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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