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VHL Expansion: Five Possible Ideas

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The VHL's Earlier today, it was announced that the VHL would be expanding from 10 teams to 12 teams. A few weeks ago a VHL GM position was opened, and it was met with a lot of applicants, whether it was VHLM GM's looking to get promoted, old members looking to get into the GM game, or new members just applying for the sake of applying. This is a clear improvement over years past, where GM openings would get five applicants. Nowadays, AGM roles are fiercely fought over. Lets take a brief look at the new GMs.



This one surprised me a little. I remember a while back Eno said that he didn't even want to be a GM. He is definitely qualified for the position despite being a first gen ( @ShawnGlade was a VHL GM in four months) I am interested in how his approach will be to the expansion draft, and how he will build his team.



This one surprised me only because he is a very under the radar kind of guy. He has a long resume of GMing in both the minors and the big leagues, and is currently one of the two commissioners in the VHLM. He recently wrote a media spot about his strategies regarding the expansion draft, where he wants to try to Vegas it.


While I'm sure both new GM's have already selected where the new franchises will be located, I have compiled a list of five potential teams, whether they have been floated around by members, or teams that I think would be cool to have.





This is something Gustav has wanted for a while, all the way back to March. Nuuk is a town in Green that holds nearly half of Greenlands population. We have a team in Yukon, so why not Nuuk? The name is absolutely perfect. We have had teams in some of the most random cities in Europe and North America, such as Vasteras, Amstel (not even a city) and Malmo, which I had never even heard of until I was selected in the expansion draft. This is one of my favorite proposed ideas.




Motza proposed both of these ideas a while back and this takes the cake as my personal favorite. Both logos are very well made. Hawaii would be a super cool place for the VHL to expand, as it is an untapped market and just a cool place to be in. Waikiki is in a great location, as they not only are in Hawaii, they also have a beautiful beach right next to the city of Honolulu. This is a great idea for expansion.



Logo by @gregreg



Green wants Colorado, and for good reason. They aren't represented in the VHL and would be a good spot for a franchise. The high altitude gives them something unique, so this isn't your ordinary big market team. Denver has enjoyed a lot of sports success between the Broncos and Avalanche, and the Nuggets are on the rise. The VHL should get their foot in the door now, and Denver would be a cool spot for a team.






The Alaska Moose is a cool idea for expansion as well, and they could give Yukon some company up north even though they are in different leagues. This logo couldn't be used since it is in use elsewhere, but a logo resembling this would be pretty narly. Alaska would be a nice spot for a team.


The sad part about this is that no one suggest any European Conference Ideas. Therefore, no one made logos. I have some ideas for some European teams, and here is my favorite:


The Roman Gladiators

*Logo is from the internet and probably copyrighted*


Rome would be an awesome spot for a European Team. We have a team in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Russia, and Switzerland. That's a lot of teams and none of them are in Southern Europe. Rome would be a great spot for a team to go. Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world and is also one of the most historic cities. They are overdue for a team. Lets make it happen.



These are five ideas for some new expansion teams, mostly brought up by other members. Where do you want the VHL to expand?








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