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Claimed:Steve Tremblay Rookie Profile


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Name: Steve Tremblay

Position: Left Wing

Age: 21

Height: 5’8

Weight: 160

Handedness: Left

Jersey #: 48


Steve Tremblay was born and raised in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec and was surrounded by hockey. His entire family would spend there week-ends in arena’s watching hockey and encouraging Steve’s cousins and other family members. As soon as he was old enough, Steve was in skates and took no time learning and becoming a great player. With cousins like Pierre-Marc Tremblay and Steve LaFramboise, former VHL player and goaltender respectively, the encouragement was there to keep pushing hard to surpass what these guys have accomplished.


                Tremblay has played in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League for the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies and the Baie-Comeau Drakkar for a total of two seasons. He played a total of 140 games combined totaling 125 goals and 208 points. As you can see with his junior stats, Tremblay was already making a name for himself as a dominant goal scorer, and went on to do the same in his single season that he played in the Czech Extraliga.



Tremblay while playing for the Bili Tygri HC.


In 2012 Tremblay had a chance to join the Edmonton Oilers for their training camp but unhappy with his selection in the draft, (6th round), he decided to join a fellow teammate and good friend in the Czech Extraliga playing for the Bili Tygri HC. Again, Steve ripped through the league stats, scoring 43 times in 52 games and adding 22 assists for a total of 65 points in the 2012-2013 season. Steve is now joining the VHLM and is working hard to improve his play to be able join a VHL team as the Season 38 draft approaches.


Scouting Report




Skating: One thing that all scouts have agreed on is Steve’s quick skating. He has an explosive acceleration and very good agility on the ice. With only 160 lbs to carry around on the ice, he makes it look easy out there. In juniors, many of the players often said that they had a hard time following him on the ice when he would be in full acceleration.


                Scoring: Another one of Tremblay’s strong points is his scoring ability, he was born with this ability. Many of his peers have often joked and said that Tremblay was already scoring goals while still in his moms stomach. You give Steve the puck in the offensive zone and you are sure to get a great scoring chance out of him, if not a goal. One of his good friends who played with him in juniors and in the Czech Extraliga, Tomas Filipi, once said that he loved playing with Tremblay, all he had to do was pass him the puck and he was sure to get a point every time.




                Leadership: Tremblay loves to play the leader on his teams, he loves firing up his teammates, and he’s darn good at it. On the ice you can see that at his age Tremblay already acts like a true team player. Helping his teammate up who was just hit, defending an unfair hit on a teammate, calming a teammate down who is losing it on the ice and the list goes on. Steve was seen doing many good things for teammates and if he brings this attribute into the VHL, the team who will draft him will really get a great leader onboard.




Size: Steve Tremblay’s 160 lbs is pretty easy to hit off the puck on the ice and being only 5’8 really doesn’t help him either. One thing Tremblay must work on to become a dominant player in the VHL will have to be his size. Even as a fast skater you can’t avoid every defensive player on the ice, and Tremblay has learned that many times, getting hit off the puck more times than he has scored in his VHLM season so far.


                Passing: Although Tremblay is a great leader, passing is not his strong point. He’s a sniper, which means when he gets the puck in the offensive zone, he shoots. You rarely see him passing to a teammate unless he has no way of getting a shot to the net. Even when he does pass, many are last minute passes and barely make it to the player or are intercepted. Many past teammates have given Steve a plate full of pucks before games, calling him the puck hog of the team. 

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 5/5

You did a good job here and you tied this and your biography together well (I didn't go check to see if you just copied word for word), but I'll assume you didn't. I liked that you changed up the Czech league wording to it's appropriate name. I liked that you listened to the comments from your Biography.

Grammar: .5/1

Probably too many for you and I's liking.


there week-ends = their weekends

In 2012 Tremblay = In 2012, Tremblay

but unhappy = but was unhappy

draft, (6th round), = draft (6th round),

draft = Draft

very good agility = very agile (just a different wording because the current one is odd)

ability, he = ability; he

moms = mom's

on a teammate, calming a teammate down who is losing it on the ice and the list goes on. = on a teammate, or calming a teammate down who is losing it on the ice; the list goes on.

for teammates = for his teammates

make = makes


Appearance: 1/1

Looked good enough for me.

Over 500 Words? 1/1

741 words.

Overall 7.5/8

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Content: 5/5 - Who wouldn't be unhappy being drafted by Edmonton? All in all, it was a good, solid rookie profile that featured the standard introduction to Tremblay's playing career and then the pros and cons to his game. 


Grammar: .5/1 - Just found one more.


former VHL player and goaltender respectively = a former VHL player and goaltender respectively


Appearance: 1/1 - Yup.


Over 500 words: 1/1 - Yes.


Overall: 7.5/8


FINAL: 8/8

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