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Effort: 2/2 - A bit simple, but there's nothing wrong with that as long as it's not lazy.

Look: 2.75/3 - Went back and forth between a 2.75 and a 2.5 here, but the more I look at this, the more I like this.  The text is nice, the coloring is consistent, and the stock work/brushing looks really good here.  The lighting could use a bit of work here in my opinion, maybe to draw a bit more attention to the face/upper body of the render.  The yellow in the center of the sig below the text, while it has the potential to look nice, overpowers the rest of the sig.  It could work in some circumstances, but the render doesn't stand out enough from the background to draw the eyes away - the yellow is essentially the first thing that the eye is drawn to and that's not good.  Overall, a good sig though.
Creativity: 1/1 

Total: 5.75/6



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Effort: 2/2 - Coloring, text, blending, lighting, stock work, I'd say you have enough here.

Look: 2/3 - The lighting in the middle of the sig absolutely destroys it for me. The lighting ruins the focal point of the sig, the text is decent but nothing great. Sorry to rip on it Frank but I have no choice.

Creativity: 1/1 - Sure


Total: 5/6


Final: 5

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