ECN's Draft Interviews "Thorny Underyew"

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Draft Interview


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ECN is returning this season with another round of Pre-draft interviews with highly valued prospects. Season 68 VHL Entry draft is showing great promise for many teams willing to stack up on players in the draft. Expansion teams and everyone else, get ready for one of the most flashy and interesting players in VHLM this season. One of the reasons why Ottawa is doing so great - their highly valued centre Thorny Underyew. He has shown many, truly many reasons why a team needing a centreman should pick up T.Underyew. He is clearly one of the best offensive players in VHLM this season.


ECN called Thorny Underyew right before his morning practice.


- Huge thanks for freeing up some time for an interview. To start off, how would you rank this season for your player?

- This season has completely exceeded my expectation. I was warned that it would be difficult to adjust to the North American pace, and it definitely took me a while, but I think as a team we are completely rolling right now. Everybody is contributing and I can't wait to see how we finish this off.
- What do you believe is the best part of you as a community member and LR presence?

- I bring a certain style to the community and to my teammates. I'm certainly one of the more soft-spoken players in the league, but people do turn their heads when they see me. I like to look good and I like helping my teammates look good too.
- Now to the current draft. Which are the teams that you would like to join in VHL with the help of the draft?

-  I've always liked the idea of playing in Seattle. But to be honest with you I'm just happy to play hockey at the highest level. There are also two new teams coming into play. Who knows where I'll end up!

- What is more important for you - success no matter what or building a legacy with one team?

- That would certainly depend on the team. If I'm somewhere that I love, I won't want to leave. I'll want to grow there and attempt to establish myself as a stalwart of the organization. If the fit isn't right though, I wouldn't be opposed to moving on to pursue my own goals.
- In the end, what do you believe will future bring for you and what is that you want to say to GM's looking at you as a potential draft pick?

- You'll be seeing a lot more of Thorny. And maybe where you least expect it!

- Thanks for the quik interview Mr.Underyew, good luck for the rest of the season!

- Oh, I will be having the best season I have ever had!


The clear #1 Forward prospect this draft with great scoring ability and fairly nice defensive game considering how many points Thorny Underyew is able to get throughout a quality season with good teammates. We are predicting that Mr.Underyew will be selected in the Top 2 this upcoming draft as players like him are truly hard to come by. 


Everyone on the staff of ECN wishes Mr.Underyew to have the best possible time at the draft and share that beautiful moment of getting drafted with friends and family!


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