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My thoughts on expansion

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Well for me let's start with the good, this won't affect me just my team as I have a no-trade clause. Although playing under DA wouldn't be such a bad thing we have too good of a core to pass up. I like Enorama as well but I'm still surprised at him being picked. 


It's going to be tough to figure out who to protect, we have such a good young core I'm expecting to see some trades to protect everyone. The three-way trade system that Will is putting in may come in handy if it gets implemented soon enough.


I feel like an expansion wasn't necessary but was still a good idea. If you want to push this league we need spots in the major leagues, and they want to keep lines running at 6-4-1 so that requires more teams. The VHLM can stick to running however they want often running 9-4-1 or 9-6-2. I'm hoping to see a big recruiting push to bring players in so we can fill these teams and future drafts with a lot of people. 


I think in the end that this is the right choice I hope to see both these expansion team succeed. But not before we do in Seattle. Good luck on the rocky road of expansion teams @diamond_ace @Enorama

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