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New Horizons in the VHL

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With expansion being announced and 2 new teams coming to the VHL, everyone is left wondering where these teams will end up and excitedly await the draft to see their respective performances in season 68. As there hasn’t been any announced team names/locations, we can only speculate where there’s a real hole in the hockey market. Now, where could one find such a hole?


Allow me to introduce you to OFFSHORE EUROPE, specifically GALWAY, the second largest city in Ireland. Ah- sh- I already know what you’re going to say so shut up. “But coLe, WouLdn’T EnGLanD maKe mOre sEnsE?”, well here’s an idea for you, fuck England. What are you going to do, put a team in London where everything is grey and everyone’s depressed and Brexit is happening? Didn’t think so. Galway is the ideal market for a new team, and let me tell you why.


1. Expansion is meant to help grow the game, and Ireland hosts an untapped market for incredibly passionate fans. Counties rally behind their respective FC’s, imagine getting the country behind their HC. Galway would be on board quickly, so you’re almost guaranteed to tap ~1/3 Ireland’s population almost instantly.


2. Galway is merely reminiscent of times past. Cities like Dublin and Cork very much hold onto their old styles, the standard imagery Ireland brings to mind. Galway has moved on somewhat, with new construction shopping centers and more and more modern buildings popping up. Galway is the city to adapt to new ideas quickly in Ireland.


3. The alliteration gives the team GG as an abbreviation. 


4. Dude just put a team in Galway please it’s so cool.


Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


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