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Air Fare is gonna get a little bit more expensive around here...

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With the recent expansion news coming out of the VHL, two new cities will be a travelling destination and gaining an exciting hockey team in one of the most talented hockey leagues on the internet. The Victory Hockey League announced recently that 2 members will be getting the job for the teams, one will be situated in the North American conference and the other will join the European conference to balance out the league a little. The influx of members forced this issue and caught me by surprise really, it is definitely something that will be fun to be a part of.


From my knowledge, Hawaii is looking like a possible destination for the North American conference and, I can not believe I am saying this, but Vasteras might actually make a return to the site. By the looks of it, the addition of Vasteras will not be that significant for travelling, as it is about 480 KM away by plane to Helsinki, which is not so bad. Malmo would be in the same country as them and would not make it difficult to get to, and also make a great rivalry for the country of Sweden. Davos is a little south of Vasteras and would need a flight to it, Riga is close to Helsinki so that aint so bad. The problem comes with Moscow but hey, Moscow is a problem for every team so whatever.


Hawaii on the other hand, this is where the problem starts in my opinion. Hawaii would be 7154 miles apart, whcih would be the biggest distance between 2 teams I think in like sports history. Thats atleast a 2 day plane ride. Hawaii to New York comes in as a 4800 miles distance ride and I would even assume this is not a direct flight. And let us talk about the arena and ice rink situation in Hawaii. 


Good on the league for announcing an expansion, good on the league for announcing 2 top members for the positions of General Managers. But, I hope some thought is put in for the destination. Cause my guy is not good with Jet Lag

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