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New Tech, for Once?

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According to a variety of sources - okay, maybe not a variety, but just sod off and read the article - the VHL is close to actually adopting a new piece of technology for once. In what some have dubbed the Biggest Tech Advancement Since the Portal (trademark pending), the hard work of app designers @DilIsPickle and @Josh, as well as numerous sexy beta testers (of which I may be one), is soon to result in a brand spanking new VHL app on the Google Play Store. While some describe the app as a glorified web browser that only lets you access VHL websites, its smooth, sleek interface, as well as helpful tabs for navigation and extra information, show the promise of the app’s near and distant future. While there are, of course, some issues yet to be worked out, word has it that the application will be officially deployed soon. My personal hope is to have a completely separate interface for the app, rather than displaying the website as is currently the case, however, these first versions are amazing to watch develop and very encouraging for the future of the VHL’s technology.


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