Crawford seeks expansion opportunity

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Crawford seeks expansion opportunity


Newly implanted American goaltender, Solomon Crawford, currently playing in the VHLM for the Las Vegas Aces, is eager for any opportunities that come to him in the VHL and maybe more so, the opportunity to be THE GUY for one of the new expansion teams when they are announced. Being on an expansion team has a ton of opportunities and the main ones are being able to build a team from scratch and being part of the growth of a franchise, as well as the lasting impact you can have in the history of a franchise and being able to claim you retired as the team's all-time leading wins getter or something like that. For many, the opportunities are there no matter where you go. For goaltenders, it is hard to crack a team's roster or starting lineup with the limited spots around the league. Crawford, however, believes in himself more than most people do and he shouldn't have an issue finding a spot.


"I know I have what it takes and I am going to work my butt off to get to where I need to be and where my future team needs me to be, and where Las Vegas needs me to be. I would love to play for an expansion team, no matter where they are located, it is an amazing opportunity for any young player to go to."


@diamond_ace and @Enorama are poised to be great leaders in their locker room and their experience in the league could definitely help push a team into contention sooner rather than later. Both teams will need a great goalie to be a part of their team's futures so Crawford has a shot to stand above the rest and be the guy for them. Solomon could anchor a team for multiple years and it is definitely something an expansion team should look for. A guy that likely could be a franchise-type player to go along with whatever expansion draft strategy they employ. Usually the expansion drafts are not the cream of the crop players so finding tremendous young talent early can really help and expansion team build for long-term contention and Crawford could be part of that plan.

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