ECN's Editorial Comment "VHL Expansion"

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ECN's Editorial Comment
"John Frostbeard talks about VHL Expansion and more"


It is clear that at the office here at ECN we talk a lot about what is and isn't going on in VHL and VHLM. These past weeks has been quite heavy when it comes to workload but that is nothing compared to how many articles from different news agencies and insiders in VHL we have to read after VHL expansion of 2 teams was announced. For me personally, both GM's that were selected show great promise, not to mention that one of them can be considered a true gem when it comes to activity and dedication towards the success of VHL. 

When it comes to the locations, I personally don't have any real preferences, but I believe that the league has stayed away from Southern USA for far too long. A team in Florida or Texas would be a great boost to VHL popularity. It is clear that the move to expand was important and to be fair, necessary because of the growing amount of new players interest in joining VHLM and then competing in VHL afterwards. Even right now, rookies are forced to spend 2 seasons playing so small amount of minutes that getting any recognition is hard unless you are on a terrible team.

I would like to add, without throwing much shade on VSN, that as the official media outlet for VHL they are slacking when it comes to proving quality and premium content of news to its readers and listeners. For now, it is fine as ECN under my leadership has been providing more than one series going constantly. I just think that either a reorganisation or some push for stronger leadership could be needed. I am not sure if an expansion of VHL Media is necessary, but we at ECN surely believe that we are able and willing to take up a bigger role and start to compete against VSN on a daily basis. 

For now, we have a lot of work to do for ECN, so everyone reading this til the end, thanks for taking your time and stay tuned! 

Chief Editor of ECN, John Frostbeard

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