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ECN is returning this season with another round of Pre-draft interviews with highly valued prospects. Season 68 VHL Entry draft is showing great promise for many teams willing to stack up on players in the draft. Expansion teams and everyone else, get ready for one of the true curveballs in the draft as we are featuring an interview with a player who clearly should be taken off the board because of his amazing personality and ability to show why he deserves to be in the spotlight - Mr.Finnegan Macburn.


ECN approached F.MacBurn after his last game just outside the arena


- Huge thanks for freeing up some time for an interview. To start off, how would you rank this season for your player?

No thank you for taking the time. Really I feel like I owe you a favour. How about dinner? Do you like steak? I know a place, we can head over after this.

My season thus far? Well my adjustment to the VHLM is exactly on the track I wanted it to be. I have really improved my defensive game with the advice I received from my GM Acydburn. I still have some work to do on my passing, I would like to stay out of the box so I can play on special teams, and I like most of us at this level need to get stronger.
- What do you believe is the best part of you as a community member and LR presence?

We should get some drinks. Do you want a drink? Two shots of maple syrup please! Have you tried this? It's all the rage here, especially after a Lynx win. Pretty good right?

Well, I embrace the community wherever I find myself and you only have to look at my small track record to see that. I like to joke around with the folks in the locker room pretty often. It's mostly of the remember that scene in that show when so and so said this variety. We have a good time and I'm very nervous about how that may change after the draft.
- Now to the current draft. Which are the teams that you would like to join in VHL with the help of the draft?

-  Well, I'm supposed to say anywhere and just be grateful for a selection, but as I already alluded to, team chemistry is really important to me.

- What is more important for you - success no matter what or building a legacy with one team?

- Those two are not necessarily exclusive. Well, success as a team is always nice. I wouldn't be where I am without my teammates. I think I'm the only VHLMer in the top 10 in assists without a single game played in season 66. That's not possible without being able to feed the puck to my boy Thorny Underyew. As a defenceman, my legacy most likely won't show up on a points chart. My job is to make sure the opposition doesn't make the scoresheet so overall team success means I'm doing my job well. If I'm fortunate enough to find myself on a team I'm comfortable with I would hope to be able to spend my entire career there.
- In the end, what do you believe will future bring for you and what is that you want to say to GM's looking at you as a potential draft pick?

- I'm a role player looking to be a solid and dependable two-way defenseman who you can pencil into the lineup without worry. A penalty killer you can rely on. I don't light the lamp often but I make my teammates better with my breakout and stretch passing skills. My company can sometimes mean my attention is split but I feel I can juggle both fairly well. I can surprise you in that regard, just ask my former GM Matt_O a great guy. I can promise you this though. If you invest in me you can expect me to invest in our team in return.

- Thanks for the quik interview Mr.MacBurn, good luck for the rest of the season!

- The pleasure was all mine, thanks!


We at ECN believe that his dedication to raising his draft stock by coming and talking about the chance to be interviewed by ECN is a great plus and shows that he will not disappoint any of the teams that will think about drafting him. Not to mention that his performance on the ice, considering his development is truly remarkable.


Everyone on the staff of ECN wishes Finnegan MacBurn to enjoy the upcoming draft and bring the best possible qualities to VHL!


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