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Draft Interview




ECN is returning this season with another round of Pre-draft interviews with highly valued prospects. Season 68 VHL Entry draft is showing great promise for many teams willing to stack up on players in the draft. Expansion teams and everyone else, get ready for one of the most physically dominant defencemen in VHLM this season. Jeff Downey has been a remarkable powerhouse when it comes to shots blocked and hits after the trade that sent him to Houston.


ECN had a pleasure talking with Jeff Downey after his plane landed back in Houston after a game away from home.


- Huge thanks for freeing up some time for an interview. To start off, how would you rank this season for your player?

- If I'm being honest I would say this year has been a bit of a disappointment for me. All through my coming up in hockey I have had a dominating presence and ever since making it to the VHLM, I have kind of just been an alright player. It started out rough with the Mississauga Hounds and while it has gotten better for the Houston Bulls, and we are winning more, the personal stats just aren't where I expected them to be.
- What do you believe is the best part of you as a community member and LR presence?

- Probably my activity. I have gotten to know many people around the league at this point and have kept very active in both the social and practice sides of the community. It has been a great experience and I hope to continue to make more friends around here and continue to meet new people.
- Now to the current draft. Which are the teams that you would like to join in VHL with the help of the draft?

-  The only team I really hold any connection to is the Helsinki Titans. My grandfather was their first-ever team captain and was taken by them third overall in the S1 VHL Entry Draft. If I could play for them that would be amazing. Other than them I have no true preference and would play for any team that would have me.

- What is more important for you - success no matter what or building a legacy with one team?

- I would love to build a legacy with a team and I really hope that can be combined with success as well. The whole point of playing around here is to experience success and bring home championships. I'd prefer to do that with one team in a long career but success does take some sacrifices.
- In the end, what do you believe will future bring for you and what is that you want to say to GM's looking at you as a potential draft pick?

- I think my future in the Victory Hockey League is going to be a great one. Although I have gone through some early struggles in my VHLM career I have no doubt in my mind I will be able to turn it around and make a huge impact for the team that is willing to invest in me. Any general manager who is looking at me should know that although I may not be as talented as some of the other picks in the draft I will put in all of the effort to make up for that going forward.

- Thanks for the quik interview Mr.Downey, good luck for the rest of the season!

- See you around!


ECN believes that even though this upcoming VHL draft will be strong when it comes to defencemen prospects, it should be stated that Jeff Downey is a player that an expansion or a team willing to rebuild could use as a cornerstone for future success. His ability to be vocal and talk about issues and his thoughts should be looked upon as a positive aspect of his personality.


Everyone on the staff of ECN wishes Mr.Downey all the best in the draft and the upcoming season, you will do great kid!


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24 minutes ago, JeffD said:

Thanks for the interview! Hopefully some GMs take notice.

Hopefully, they do, it is actually sad that these interviews are lost in the VHL article list as there is not really any other space where they could be posted at the draft time and archived afterwards. 

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