S68 Expansion GM Profiles, Part II

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A way shorter love letter to @Enorama


GM Experience
Here? None. Well none conventionnal VHL/VHLM experience, but he did GM on the international stage a couple of times. He led World Asia to unlikely back-to-back bronze medals in the S66 and S67 WJC and Team World to a heartbreaking final loss (and silver medal) in the S66 World Cup, so he has a history of taking underrated squad and setting them up with tactics good enough so that they upset a couple of other teams.


GM Style
Enorama is actually the member I've known the longest. I don't know anyone from here in real life, but I met Enorama in an EHM league months before we both joined here days apart. He is one of the nicest GM league member I had the pleasure of negotiating trades with. Most GMs you deal with in EHM leagues act like used car dealers. They'll come with your with "an incredible for you", where they'll try to shove down your throat the fact that you don't need Sidney Crosby to succeed, but what you do need is this one mediocre prospect and a 3rd round pick. And when you refuse, they get mad at you for not taking an active part in the discussion.


With Eno, talks are always turning around mutual benefits. We both check for players we like on the other team and try to come up with a trade that makes sense for the situation both teams find themselves in. He's not straight up trying to rob you. He's probably trying to skew the value coming his way up, but it's never as blatantly lopsided as with the others. I don't think we ever actually went forward with a trade, because we never found a swap that made sense for both of us, but the talks were always good.


Team Identity Prediction
In Part I of the Expansion Profiles, I talked about how diamond_ace is probably putting his own team in Prague. That would bring the total of European franchises to 6, meaning Enorama is probably going to even things uo with a 6th North American franchises. Which is fitting, because GM player is called George Washington, so I'll bet he's looking to expand in USA, and probably in Washington to be more precise. Unless he's playing us and he's setting his team in Canada or Europe, but it's unlikely.


As for the team name, I'd expect something patriotic for a team based in Washington, but with the New York Americans already in the league, that's definitely out of the equation. Maybe something like the Sentinels, or the Guardians? I don't know.


Look out for Eno, he found the sweet spot with STHS, as shown by his recent WC and WJC success, and his lack of typical GM experience here doesn't mean he doesn't know what he's doing as the President of a team.



Good luck with your first season, my bud. Despite what some say, I agree with the board that you definitely deserve the team and I'm sure you'll do great things with it.




524 words, yet this is a .com article
Claiming this week with the +1 bonus for writing a themed article and the +1 bonus for doing the two theme week tasks.

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