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S67 WJC Awards

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And that's another WJC tournament in the books. For a change, Canada did not win a medal, and World rocketed itself to the top and will take gold. This was a great tournament and we got to see some upcoming VHL talent, both on the ice and in management roles show us what they are made of.

Without taking up any more of your time, let's get started with the awards:


Gold 🥇Team World 🗺️

Silver 🥈Team Europe EU.png

Bronze 🥉Team Asia 🌏


And now, the S67 All-WJC Team!


F - Nethila Dissanayake (WOR) @nethi99

F - Henrik Zoiderbeg (EU) @HenrikZoiderberg

F - Pascal Batz (EU) @efiug

D - Guy LeGrande (WOR) @Steve

D - Cody Smith (CAN) @cody73

G - Thorvald Gunarsson (WOR) @Saelven88


And now finally, the tournament MVP:


F - Nethila Dissanayake (WOR) @nethi99


New York's Nethila Dissanayake came into the tournament with the goal of proving himself. After being shipped off to New York from Calgary, Nethila made it his mission to prove to Calgary that they had made a mistake. And it was made clear in this tournament that Nethila is a great player with a bright future. Congratulations, well deserved.


S67 WJC Award Predictions Payout:


(Acyd 👀)


2 Capped, 1 Uncapped:




2 Capped:




1 Capped:


@Enorama @Sharkstrong @uphillmoss @Elmebeck @Big Mac @GustavMattias @InciteHysteria @Jtv123 @Green @HenrikZoiderberg @tfong @Tate @enigmatic @Motzaburger @rjfryman @73MPL4R @ColeMrtz21 @VanCanWin @BarzalGoat @Josh @Matmenzinger @cody73 @STZ @TheLastOlympian07 @MexicanCow123 @PotatoKing @Juddy @hedgehog337 @Dalton Wilcox @Nykonax @Steve @DizzyWithLogic @Poptart @nethi99 @Bucky___lastard @Kyle @bluesfan55 @Jbeezy76 @frescoelmo @Beaviss @FrostBeard @Kekzkrieg @Fire_In_Babylon @chillzone @Bruins10 @Esso2264 @MMFLEX @monkeywrench15 @flyersfan1453 @xDParK @Jaku @Quik @wcats @oilmandan @Patpou22 @Philliefan @leafsman @Telkster @BluObieZ @Midnite @Sebster03 @sjs88speed @Joubo @Sullvino @TukTukTheGreat @AcousticKazoo @MacH @berocka @Kylrad @Sixersfan549 @Ace @.sniffuM @Greg_Di @GRZ @BladeMaiden @HulkHogan @aCrypticPancake @SlapshotDragon @Cornholio @CowboyinAmerica 


(If I missed someone, or you feel like there's been a mistake with the predictions, DM me and I'll sort it out)


Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all who participated in this tournament. The WJC is a great place for new members to gain experience and learn how the league is run. I had a blast running this tournament and I feel it's one of the better events the VHL holds.

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Great tournament ! Thanks for selecting me for GM. I hopefully will become a VHLM GM someday 🍻💀🍻 It felt good to build a team and we played every game close. I could do without shootouts though.😂

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