Michael Johnson Journal #12 Expansion Edition!

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Earlier this week, it was announced that we would be getting two brand new teams into the VHL. With that, it means theres going to be an expansion draft and more spots for players who are being shunned on their current teams. I'm quite excited for 2 more teams to join our league since it gives us more of a competitive feel and while we may lose a player, I hope that he is not one of our best and our young stars can be protected. They've announced the GMs for the two teams in Diamond_Ace and Enorama.


I'll be completely honest, Enorama helped shape me earlier last season. He gave me a chance to prove my skills and worth on the international stage and we got bronze with Asia. Together, we were a very strong team with Eno knowing how to get the most of the sim. This season, sadly I was not able to play in the World Junior Championships for Asia due to ineligibility. Enorama, with no goalie options was granted 2 goalies who were FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY by their respective teams and still got a bronze out of the awkward situation. He's great at man-managing as well as motivating others to play stronger and harder. I honestly think, there couldn't have been a better person for the job and he deserved his opportunity in the big leagues. I think he'll do well and I wish him all the best of luck moving forward.


Diamond_Ace is a very experienced GM coming into the second team. They say, he was the best GM in the VHLM ever and he was a long time GM for the Calgary Wranglers. Diamond, I think just due to his experience alone was worthy of the job. Besides that, he's an incredible commissioner in the VHLM and a great person overall. Every single time I've had a question or needed any help, he's been there. Plus, I definitely think he knows how to build a team and get the most of the pieces he has. Whispers around the M say he was the best at getting trades/winning trades hard. It's just too bad that he happens to be a blue (and I don't mean a blue on the site or the discord), as in, he's a Chelsea supporter. Yuck. Other than that, I think he's an great fit and a tidy GM. I can't wait to see what he does in the draft and I wish him nothing but the best of luck moving forward.


I'm so excited to see the league take its next steps in accommodating the masses and the young talent in the M thats yet to be drafted. I'm also excited to see how this affects Malmo going forward. I have full faith in the commissioners of the league as well as the new members of the BoG to fully take this league to the next level. We've been growing at such an astronomical rate that I'm so proud to be apart of such a cool community.



Michael Johnson

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