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Vasteras Fan Favourite


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The Vasteras fans had just witnessed history in the VHL, and they were going to make sure to be around for the post-game to give the player the credit that he truly deserved.


When Steven Smyl emerged from the away locker room, fans applauded and media swarmed. After all, a goalie posting a .500 save percentage on 12 shots is… historic. For a goalie who has the amount of practice hours that Smyl does, it’s just unheard of.


Smyl brushed by media obviously upset about his performance. More than likely the crowd taunted him all night, his coach must have laid into him post-game, he had let down his teammates in an important playoff run. Nothing was going right.


Persistant media awaited Smyl outside the arena to catch him before he got to his vehicle. Knowing that the media would not leave until he made a statement, he sighed.


“What do you guys expect?” Smyl started with. “I have never been good in Vasteras. Bagelface constantly out-performs me and it’s just embarrassing at this point. I’ll honestly be surprised if I’m not released from my contract after that great performance.


“It’s really rough to be a goalie in this league… the players are all excellent and there is no hope for consistency. You can be on top of the world one night and be swiss cheese the next. I’m getting really sick of this if I’m being honest, I don’t know how much longer I can go through this.”

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