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QUEBEC CITY, Quebec– With the career of Yuri Grigorenko slowly coming to an end, Matthew Boragina has been very active looking for the next big star looking to make it big in the hockey world. Despite not being around a long time, Boragina has managed to build up a reputation as a solid agent after representing himself during his first foray into the VHL, and now most recently, Grigorenko. He has won four Continental Cups during his time (2 as a player, 2 as an agent) as well as multiple awards as a player. With Grigorenko moving on from the VHL at the end of the season, who is the next player up in the stable?


Terrance Trafford – C, CAN



Trafford might not be the biggest guy on the ice, but sure tries to play like he is. The Toronto native stands at just 5’11 and 190 pounds, but is able to use that to his advantage. He has world class speed which helps him draw a lot of hooking and holding penalties as defenders have difficulty beating him to the puck. He throws a ton of hits which often catch opposing players unawares from a smaller guy. Trafford has a high hockey I.Q. and is able to dish the puck off extremely well. The one knock on his game is the fact that he doesn’t shoot enough, resulting in lower than should be goal totals. If he is able to fine tune that aspect, he should have no problem making a huge difference for a VHL squad.


Mikkel Boomgaarden – D, USA



Boomgaarden is a hulking defensemen who has a surprisingly good offensive game. Boomgaarden takes full advantage of his massive 6’5 and 222 pound frame, using it to get in front of shots as well as punishing opposing forwards. While he has decent vision and is more than capable of moving the puck from his own zone, the biggest asset that Boomgaarden brings via his offensive game is his booming slapshot. Already being compared to the ones taken by NHL defensemen Shea Weber, Boomgaarden’s slapshot has terrorized goaltenders ever since the American started taking them.  Normally speed and movement are sacrificed for bigger players, but Boomgaarden has made it one his focal points at every practice and training session.


Boragina is expected to make an announcement on Monday, the same day as the VHL trade deadline and when Yuri Grigorenko is expected to announce his retirement. Both players look to have promising upside, and should have extensive and successful hockey careers.

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