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ECN's Draft Interviews "Frans Eller"


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Draft Interview




ECN is returning this season with another round of Pre-draft interviews with highly valued prospects. Season 68 VHL Entry draft is showing great promise for many teams willing to stack up on players in the draft. Expansion teams and everyone else, get ready to accept Danish hockey prodigy Frans Eller. Yukon had a great regular season with many players exceeding expectations. Mr.Eller had  84 points in 72 games played. As he has added the defensive ability to his game this season too, he will adapt to VHL game fairly quickly and could contribute to any team right from the start!


ECN had a pleasure talking to Frans Eller just before he boarded a plane to go back to Denmark for a week.


- Huge thanks for freeing up some time for an interview. To start off, how would you rank this season for your player?

- I'd consider this season so far quite successful. Yukon has really gotten going. 
- What do you believe is the best part of you as a community member and LR presence?

- I am very active in Discord and can pay attention to the LR at practically all times. 
- Now to the current draft. Which are the teams that you would like to join in VHL with the help of the draft?

- I don't really have a preferred destination.

- What is more important for you - success no matter what or building a legacy with one team?

- Nothing in particular stands out on my preferences - individual success is fun, but not the most important thing. 
- In the end, what do you believe will future bring for you and what is that you want to say to GM's looking at you as a potential draft pick?

- I believe the future will bring me to being considered a top tier two way centreman with a knack at putting the puck in the net. 

- Thanks for quik interview Mr.Eller, good luck for the rest of the season!

- Thanks, but I really have to run!


From ECN's perspective, Frans Eller should be strongly looked at by any GM that wished to build his offensive line around a young and promising forward. Frans has all the tools to become that franchise centremen. Looking straight at both expansion General managers as here we have a player who can be a perfect candidate to lead your offensive core by example!


Everyone on the staff of ECN wishes Mr.Eller the best of luck in the draft and seasons yet to come!


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