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Lets jump a little bit


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And by jump, I mean jump ahead. The finals have just started, and the Minnesota Storm are headed back to Minny, the State of Hockey apperently, down 2-0. 

With the season close to done, Kaspars Claude is already thinking of the next step. With him recently passing the cap for the VHLM, he unfortunately will not be able to stay in the minors next season. That makes it very interesting because where he gets drafted will be a beginning of a new chapter and the start of his career in the pro league. 


Thanks to member rjfryman (I wont tag him cause it aint that important lol) we are able to follow what the draft class is looking like right now. Condor Adrienne is running away with it at the top of the draft class, putting in 349 hours in the gym for his development. Claude is found all the way at 17th, which would be considered a mid round pick in the second round if the VHL managers would pick according to TPE totals.


"Honestly, I think I am doing pretty good when it comes to getting my name out there. I have been constantly on the come up on that draft rankings list and I have been relatively active around the board networking here. I have already heard from other members that they would be interested in having me on their team, so now it is all a matter of where I end up. I do not have a preference and I will be happy wherever I go. I think it would be tough to see my name drop when it comes draft day but I know thats part of the business. I will make the most of it and try to create a legacy in the league. Try and make all the GMs realize the mistake they made by passing up on me."

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