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The storm fizzled out


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The Storm Fizzled Out

By Steven Brockman


The Storm came into the finals strong with dominant victories against all their previous rivals. It was meant to be a strong finals one for the ages the Ottawa Lynx and Minnesota Storm. It had been talked about in media all around the world about how this finals series would shake up. The result was a lot less than most expected with the Storm being swept. The Lynx players have started their celebrations with the founders cup, whilst the Storm players are trying to think what happened. How could they burn so bright in the opening rounds and fade so fast in the finals.


We now have Berocka Sundqvist in with us today to talk about the finals.


SB: Hi Berocka thank you for joining us. So the question on everyone's lips what happened?


BS: It's simple we didn't turn up on the day and they were the better team.


SB: Tell us about how you think you played?


BS: It doesn't matter how I played it's a team sport and Ottawa were the better team.


SB: Well thank you for your time best of luck next year.


BS: Thanks have a good day.


That's all we have time for folks see you next season.

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