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Stop Slacking Kid!!!


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Keith Harris has been in and out of practice lately. Everybody already knows that he develops slowly and not at the pace of top prospects but this is still alarming. I mean it’s better to at least improve right? Keith hasn’t been doing this consistently. He is ready to start grinding and putting in work everyday again now. He felt terrible about his not so good work ethic and now it’s time for him to improve it. In the past 3 weeks he has missed extended time of practice. Missing this much practice has hurt his game and his team since he isn’t getting better p, but instead doing whatever he does when he’s not on the ice. He hasn’t not been happy with his stats these next few seasons need to be breakout seasons for him. This is why he has a new focus on training and is looking to be a draft steal. His stock has already been damaged a lot and it cannot be undone, but it can still be increased and he can end up in the top of his draft class at the end of his career. Wells that all I have for you guys today peace.

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