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Off Season ramblings


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Congratulations to the Ottawa Lynx with their cup victory run. High regards to their first year GM Acyd Burn who was also a great AGM with Halifax. Great team ran by a great GM.


As the off season approaches, I know there are many minor league players that are anxious to know what team will pick them. I remember my draft day and it was an exciting day. I would recommend that all that are being drafted have a plan to improve your skills as fast as you can. The VHL is a whole new ball game. Unless you are already a high skilled player, you will most likely see few minutes on a big club roster. It takes hard work and some consistency to become a player that will demand more minutes. Remember, you are competing for a for minutes against seasoned veterans.


Going into the off season should be a good time to work on some core skills. I hope that all of my team mates are doing what they can to be the best that they can. I have faith that they will work hard and we will become better next season.


Close series in the VHL playoffs and may the best team win.

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