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Vancouver Wolves, Winners of the S67 Continental Cup!


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Vancouver Wolves, winners of the S67 Continental Cup


Boy is this great payoff for what has largely been a frustrating career for Gritty individually. While I am grateful to everyone on the team for the hard work we put in this season, I want to give a shoutout to some members who really stood out to me this season


@Beaviss for sticking with my nonsense in my career and tinkering with the lines in ways that still don't make sense to me, but you can't argue with the results!

@Greg_Di for being so supportive of the team as a backup. It shows a lot of maturity to barely play and still be such a great teammates, hats off to you

@InstantRockstar for proving me and many other wrong in actually staying active with this player, and making a really good one at that

@Motzaburger for being one of the most active and awesome members of the team and my discord buddy

@jRuutu - Always been one of my low key favorite members on here, it's been awesome to be on a team with you these past few seasons and finally win a cup

@ShawnGlade for being an oustanding defensemen for us, and being kind enough to trade us that great asset! 

@Banackock for being a moron and chirping the the Vancouver Wolves, winners of the S67 Continental Cup

@DilIsPickle for always giving us a free playoff series win

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