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Claimed:Turku Outlaws Season Tidbits

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The Turku Outlaws and Their Depth



After the Distribution Draft, the Turku Outlaws were set to become a team to fear in the VHLM. With a stacked defense and some great forwards at hand, they were ready to fire on all cylinders. Everybody who watches Turku all know what they have on their roster and that they are everything but set to go for the championship. All that needs to come is consistency. Most of these players have never played together before, but with time they sure have gelled. Through the first 54 games, they are 34-17-3 and sit 3rd in their conference.



Players on the Outlaws look on after a loss


Although through 54 games, the Outlaws at times still seem as though they are more just a bunch of skilled players than a real team. A perfect example of that is the top line of Vincenzo Valentini and Azi Ali who are centered by the raising star Travis Boychuk. They all seem to score at their own pace, and anyone who has watched the Outlaws play have seen how often one will get points while their line mates do not. Most of the time, when Boychuk is in on a goal, Ali is nowhere to be seen, and vice versa. When you have a superstar like Vojczek Svoboda on your team though, he piles on the assists himself with 76 on the season thus far.


A surprising stat at this point of the season, is Vincenzo Valentini on the top line with only 21 points. A respectable output for sure, but when compared to his line mates it is something to think about. Boychuk has 58 points, and Ali has 60 on that same line and we expect them both to continue their production. The Outlaws are a strong team depth wise and it is not hard to see that every line can produce. The struggles of singled out players are not something to worry too much about, when the rest of the team can fill in the gaps easily. 


It had taken them awhile to find their starting goaltender, going through some ups and downs in the beginning of the season. Brock Waldron has come through as the current number one and with some hard work he should get better. With the Outlaws high flying defence core, one can assume that they give up some odd man chances. Waldron has had his own struggles but Turku hopes for him to be solid down the stretch and come playoff time.



Travis Boychuk and Dexter Morgan celebrate a goal


On the back end, there is something special in Turku that have jerseys flying off the shelves. The top 3 producers on the Outlaws are all defensemen. Vojczek SvobodaJake Wylde, and Dimothenis Vlasis are the 1-2-3 punch that have produced throughout the whole season so far. They jump into plays nearly every shift, which is scary for defending when you are the opposing team. If you are a team who can switch up the plays like that, you can easily confuse your opponent and find scoring chances. At the rate they are going, it does not look like any forward on the roster will catch them by season's end.


                                                                                                   GP  G  A   P

Vojczek Svoboda  54 19 76 95

Jake Wylde           54 29 40 69

Dimothenis Vlasis 54 26 40 66


With such depth and skill throughout the whole Turku Outlaws roster, it is wise to consider them a good shot for the championship. They have great depth at every position. Even the second line has performed admirably, with Dexter Morgan and Mikael Svensson scoring at the same pace as the top line. Every coach will have to question who they throw out to defend which lines, and it will be fun to watch Turku as they play down the stretch towards the playoffs. 



Brock Waldron looks on with his teammates as a shot goes wide


There are some very strong teams this year, and nobody is truly considered to be a gimme to win it all. With around 20 games left, the race towards the playoffs will definitely be interesting. If any team can go on a streak, it will be hard to doubt what they can achieve. The Turku Outlaws are hoping for that team to be them.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

727 words. Certainly cannot hate on the Outlaw talk and not only that, but you detailed everything nicely. It flowed well, had good structure and was rather interesting, not to mention it spoke about my player..lol. Your have a gift for writing and it's always nicely presented and so well written.

Grammar: 2/2


Distribution Draft = Dispersal Draft

raising = rising

season, is = season is

have = has (x2)


Appearance: 1/1

I love how the names stand out. You added consistent pictures and overall it was presented well.

Overall: 6/6

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