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Elmebeck wishes for Prague


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New York or Prague for Elmebeck?


-You have been quite vocal about either New York or Prague, even having a posse of fans using the hashtag #ElmebeckNYC, how do you yourself see this upcoming draft?

-I am not sure if anyone of them can afford to take me in the first round, but that would speak volumes as to what relationship we will have. It's a pretty tricky season as far as I can tell, with Condor Adrienne wanting to go to a team he's not previously been at, one GM player, three highly positioned goalies. So it's really hard for me to see where I realistically will go.

-Have you been in conversations with any of the GM's?

-I have spoken to a few of them, but this is very sensitive stuff at this point and so close to the draft.

-But can you tell us at least what you prefer? You seem to gravitate towards New York or Prague, but currently ranked at #16?

-I would love to be picked by Prague at this point, for several reasons.

-But not Malmö or Davos?

-I need to speak the language there too, so no, neither of those. I think it would be amazing to be able to start in a new franchise like Prague though... while still not knowing the language.

-Not New York?

-I love New York as a city, and I would probably be happy there too. But Prague seems like a better fit for me at this moment. But I wouldn't be unhappy with either of those opportunities.

-What are you looking for, if you could condense it?

-Community and a reason to play.

-Thank you for your time, and good luck in the upcoming draft.

-Thank you.

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